The Story of Neil Jason Wharton, The Famous Musical Artist

American music lovers know Neil Jason Wharton, an American musical artist, a vocalist known for Rock-N-Roll Junkies. Born on October 03, 1978, in Los Angeles, California, to Vincent Neil Wharton and Tammi Frisk, in the United States also sings in Spanish and more languages. His parents were in the same school before marriage. Tami was the girlfriend of Vincent. Neil was born when his father was just seventeen, and his mother could be around fifteen. Neil is the only son of his parents. His ancestors are from Germany, Ireland, Mexico, Navajo Nation, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Neil’s father Vincent was one of the highly applauded singers and songwriters of the 70s, 80s and 90s.                                                                                                                                            

About Neil Jason                           

As a popular figure in the music industry, Neil performs in a genre like pop-rock and classical. He has an excellent knowledge of playing the bass guitar, piano, trumpet, trombone, saxophone, and vocals. He worked with many famous artists and learnt lot from them. Neil looks the same as his father, but not as renowned as his father in the music world. Still, following his father’s footsteps. He has the traits of his father that can bring more fame for Neil. People who have seen Neil in his back days know that he started music when he was sixteen, and became hit. His father was a lead singer of Motley’s Crue when he met Neil’s mother, Tami. Vincent called Tami as ‘Kind of ass-kicker,’ but she was a great person and a nice mom, as Neil claims. He had a lot of support from his mother. He gives some credit to his mother for his career.

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The legal battle of Neil’s father

Unfortunately, Neil’s father got stuck in the legal battle with his legal representative. Vincent accused his former firm Havard & Haward for overbilling him during his defence back in his 2016 court case that involved a sum of $187,364. The issue was related to a battery on women at the Las Vegas hotel. The women claimed to have suffered severe injuries in this act. The lawyer demanded $190,000, which Vincent is defending on the grounds of overcharging. Neil’s father claims that they are charging a massive amount due to his celeb status. Vincent’s accusations are right to some extent. Vincent couldn’t spend much time with his son due to this legal battle.

Neil’s career

Following the footsteps of his musician father, Neil paved his way in the rock music to becoming the renowned singer, songwriter. He never relied on his father’s celebrity status and didn’t use this status for his fame. Neil wants success in his way, though the influence of Wharton style is seen in his performance. The father-son duo separated long-time ago is reunited, spending their quality time together discussing on music issues. It could be a plus point in the career of this artist for performance in the new world.

Neil’s company

Neil founded a company Skylar Neil Memorial Fund in the name of her deceased daughter, who died of cancer in August 1995. The company aims to work for the betterment of children.

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