The Life Story of Richard Giannotti – An Entrepreneur, A Former Baseball Player & Ex-husband of Celeb Joy Allison

Richard Giannotti is more famous as an ex-husband of Joy Allison, an American radio personality. She is also a television host. Currently she is the news update anchor for The Herd with Colin Cowherdon Fox Sports 1’s. Richard Giannotti is a former baseball player, who married Joy Allison in 2016, but the couple divorced in 2017. They met before marriage in 2015-2016 and fell in love. Joy claimed to be a victim of domestic abuse, though she didn’t mention the name of the abuser. She stated her horrible experiences. She narrated that someone of 6’2″ height tried to suffocate her, kicked her in the chest, threw her downstairs, and dragged her out of the car. Who it could be? Richard has 6’3″ height, but Joy didn’t utter his name.

About Richard Giannotti

The 37-year-old man with a dashing personality was born on August 09, 1983, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, US. People knew him as a professional baseball player cum entrepreneur. Still, his prominence came after his significant presence on the TV screen as the four-year-long outfielder of Southern Maryland Blue Crabs. He has made many achievements as a sportsman and entrepreneur since 2004. His father was a renowned FBI agent. He has a step-sister named Leslie Rennie. 

Not much is known about his early personal life except that he developed a strong average interest in sports since his childhood. He grew more interested in the specific sport- baseball when he was in high school that apparently furthered his career path. 

He obtained a degree in Business Administration with an athletic scholarship at the University of Miami. He was conscripted as a young star in baseball in 2004 by the then-called Anaheim Angels, now more familiar as the Los Angeles Angels. He was associated with them for a year and later contracted with Cedar Rapids Kernels, where he spent twenty-one years. 

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Richard as a professional baseball player

His professional baseball career was finished in 2012; he last played for Southern Maryland Blue Crabs for four years.

Richard Giannotti served various baseball teams as a player of this sport, but he is an American executive who owns a firm. Richard holds the position of President and Financial advisor of the firm. He also worked for the HBO network as a part of the hit series Ballers. 

Richard as an entrepreneur

As a professional baseball player, Richard made use of his Business administration degree as a side career. He entered into a business venture in a clothing line with a co-ownership named “Bubucheek Clothing” from September 2008 to September 2014. He thought of starting his firm at this point and established Athlete Asset Management at Global Wealth Management. Richard co-operates with various athletes to create the most secure conditions for the preservation of their wealth in this form to generate his income at present.

Wrap up

Richard is engaged in his business nowadays and not publicly known to engage in love affairs with anyone, though his ex-wife Joy is dating Earl Watson, the former NBA player and coach. He lives a peaceful life in the present without a worry about romantic relationships.

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