Rony Chieng personal life, age, education and net worth

Asia is a very vast continent, and it is expected that in each continent, there is a large pool of people who could really attract the eyeballs of people all across the world. These people are none other than stars in their respective fields. What makes them a star is essentially their hard work and determination. Resultantly, Asia has produced some of the most prolific stars, and as it turns out to be, Ronny Chieng is one of them.

Bringing a smile over the face of people is a tough task nowadays. People might find it hard to keep their heads light, and let alone laughter shall be incorporated in their daily lives. However, Ronny Chieng defied all these facts and has emerged as an actor and comedian. Born in Johor Bahru in Malaysia, he emerged as a comedian on his famous sitcom “Ronny Chieng: International Student” and as a correspondent for “The Daily Show” premiering on Comedy Central.   

Besides all these, he has featured in several TV shows and movies. A list has been provided below:

  • Comedy Showroom
  • Crazy Rich Asians as Eddie Chieng
  • Scissor Seven 
  • Asian Comedy destroys America!
  • Have you been paying attention

Roles in these films and shows brought him great appraisal from the viewers of the US, Australia, and Malaysia. He is also the holder of several awards from different states, like the Director’s Choice Award in 2014 from Melbourne and Best of the Fest in 2014 from Sydney. In all, he is someone who is looked upon as a future star and a comedian.

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Hannah Pham is an Australian with roots in Vietnam, and she and Ronny tied the knot in 2016. Ronny claims that they have been married three times in the United States, Australia, and Malaysia. Both of them as a couple are quite adorable, and it is wished that they remain the same way. 


Born and brought up in Singapore and the United States, Chieng attended educational institutes in Singapore and Australia. In Singapore, he attended FuChun Primary School, Pioneer Secondary School, and Pioneer Junior College. Then, he moved to Australia Trinity College at the University of Melbourne and graduated in 2009 with degrees of Law and Commerce and a diploma in Law from the Australian National University in 2012. 


Born on 21st November 1985, he is aged 35 years. At such a young age, he has achieved great success and looks ahead to further his scope of winning. When he was merely 27 years old, he had already been working with Trevor Noah. In the 29th year of his age, he made it to Comedy Central.

Net Worth

Being exposed to media and acting at such a young age of life, he has managed to gather a significant sum of money as his net worth. Even though the exact figures are not known for Ronny Chieng, but it is expected that he holds between $1 million to $5 million in his net worth. If he continues to succeed, the same will grow even more to his own delight.

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