Robert Ellis Silberstein Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

Robert Ellie Silberstein, mainly renowned as Bob Ellis, took birth on January 5th and in the year 1946 in Elberton, a place located in New Jersey, USA, in a relatively wealthy Jewish family. His family business was mainly garments manufacturing. From the University of West Virginia, Robert completed his graduation. He first wanted to be a teacher and have been so. But he lost interest in his teaching career and went away from his job after a bit of rift with his boss. Minor details about his family are unknown.

Robbie’s Career Till Now 

Robert was a teacher once but now is an American music executive and businessman. He has been a manager of many musicians throughout his career, including his wife Diana Ross, the renowned British singer. He had also been manager of Status Quo, Rufus, and other bands.

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Diana Ross Biography 

Born on March 26th, 1944, Diana Ross was initially the main singer of the rock genre All-female group The Supremes. She has been accounted as the best charting women group in American music history. Her dad passed away in 2007, and her mother in 1984.  Her most outstanding achievement was the lifetime achievement award she received in 2017 at the AMAs. With her illustrious career, her net worth is close to 250 million US dollars. 

Robert And Diana’s Personal Life 

Diana and Robert married each other on January 20th, 1971, and then, six years later, got divorced in 1977. The couple had two children, Tracee Ellis Ross and Chudney Ross. Robert and Diana have legally adopted another daughter named Rhonda Suzanna Ross Kendrick. Diana was just pregnant by a couple of months with Rhonda in her womb when she and Robert married.  After they underwent divorce on March 9th, 1977, Robert stayed back in Connecticut but moved to LA and later to New York City. During their course, their friendship undoubtedly has become much more robust with time, gradually changing precisely to that of a sister and brother.  They hang out quite often and love to spend some jolly good time together. The family goes places and often uploads photos on their Instagram handle. Later Rhonda married Rodney Kendrick in the year 1996. For a child, they had a son together, named RaifHenok. She is too close with both Berry and Robert, and she considers both of them as her father. However, the couple’s most loved child Tracee is still single, not married, and has no children. She has been incredibly successful as an actress and won prestigious awards, including the Golden Globe, for her acting skills. Chudney, the youngest of them all, is a producer and production manager and made good fame in the industry. 

Salary And Net Worth 

It is estimated at around 55 million US dollars as of late 2020. The approximate salary for a music executive all over the US is about 180,000 dollars. 

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