Naomi Nelson personal life, education, relationship and net worth

There are families who are blessed with one family member who is a hard-working one and yields fame to the family. They are people who would soar high up on their way to become even more famous. Being famous is not the only ambition, but it is the hard work and determination for them that keeps them going. Now, come the families that have two celebrities in their family. Naomi Nelson and Johnny Knoxville are husband and wife who have been together since 2010 and are striving towards a better career of their own.


Being a member of the crew, Naomi Nelson has several duties to perform. A director, a writer, an editor, and a member of the additional staff, every role has been taken up by her. She has helped in the production of several movies and shows such as:

Carnivale as an assistant to producers

Fifth Star as director, writer, and herself

Reel Grrls 2009 Productions as editor

This shows the plethora of duties and responsibilities taken up by her. It is expected that she would carry on the hard work for a long.

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Personal Life

Born in the United States on 20th August 1980 to Asian parents, Naomi is known to be the single child of her parents. Married to Jonny Knoxville, she has two children with him named Arlo and Rocko. They live a happy life sharing a mutual love for their children.


Just like many actors and those involved in a similar line of work, learning to perform tasks is a must to have the attribute. Be it the film career that needs a push with schools of drama or the usual elementary education; it is essential for them to attend educational institutes. Therefore, while she was in California, she attended high schools in the state. It is known that she was pretty much focused on her studies and showed a deep interest in various actions of school life.

It is doubtful and hard to believe that she did not attend any college for her formal education. Sources are there to approve and disprove the same, but keeping in view her dedication and hard work in the film industry,it is also expected that she must have attended college for her own development.


Naomi Nelson married her two years old boyfriend, Johnny Knoxville. Johnny is an American actor, filmmaker, and sitcom performer. They tied the knot on 24th September 2010, months after Johnny declared that they were expecting a baby. She gave birth to her first child in October month of 2011. Her first child is a daughter.

Net Worth

Johnny Knoxville is an accomplished actor himself and has a net worth of around $75 million. Naomi Nelson being her wife also shares his wealth and keeps adding more to it. It cannot be known as to how much does she possess into her own net worth as she is not known to disclose her assets. But keeping in view their lifestyle, it is evident that they do have enough to continue living the same way for long.

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