Michael Blackson personal life, career and net worth

The person we are talking about here is a very popular actor of America. The beginning of his career started from being a comedian in the American TV shows and he was also an anchor. He is currently living in America and there is a very huge fan following of Michael Blackson. During the course of his career, he has achieved several heights of success and because of this, he is considered to be a well-established American actor, comedian and an anchor.

A little more about Michael

If we look at the general details about Michael, he began his career as an American comedian.He was born on 28 November 1972 and the place where he was born is Ghana. When it comes to Africa, there is no one else who can match the excellence of Michael Blackson. It is the reason because of which he is called as the African king of comedy. He was just a teenager when he started his career and now he has a very successful name in the industry. He has also been a great actor in the comedy field because he has also done multiple movies.


Michael has also dealt with a lot of struggle before becoming famous in the industry. In 1987 he moved to America along with his family. During the beginning, he was not a popular comedian and therefore he started doing comedy shows in very small clubs. If you talk about his parents, there is only a little information available about them and therefore, we may not be able to clarify you about them. He also had taken part in several competitions of comedy and one of them is comedy festival and the others are the comedy Central tour, multi-liquor comedy tour and many others like this. These shows were a great start but he did not got any popularity through these shows.

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Beginning as an actor

It was only after a very popular rapper cube spotted Michael Blackson that he became very popular. He was offered a movie by him which was named as the next Friday and from there only his career as an actor started. Just like the comedy world, he also gave his hundred percent in the acting career and therefore, he is considered to be one of the most popular actors in America now a days. He has also been to a release show of Comedy CD which was named as Modasucka welcome to America in 2005.

Net worth

Michael Blackson is a very famous actor and actress these days have earned a lot of money. Due to his popularity in the comedy world and in the acting line, he has also been into a very successful career and his estimated net worth is around $2 million. Basically, this network consist of his comedy income and the acting only fulfils a smaller portion. Still, there are a lot of fans who likes to see him in the movies as he is a great comedian and adds taste to the pictures.

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