Matthew Gilmour Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

Matthew Gilmour happens to be an ex missionary of the faith of the Mormon, and also an activist, but probably is best known among the public for his identity of being the husband of ex-abductee Elizabeth Smart. 

Childhood, Early Life and Education of Mathew

In the year 1992, Matthew Gilmour was born, in the city of Aberdeen, located in Scotland. His parents’ names were Stewart and Kay Gilmour. Talking about siblings, he had four of them. One brother named Kyle and three sisters named Bethany, Ashley, and Chloe. His father and mother were most teachers of music at a secondary high school and raised him. 

Unfortunately, his father died when he was 48 suffering from cancer in the year 2008. After the sudden death of her husband, Kay started to raise financial funds for a cancer support organization named CLAN. 

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Gilmour’s Career of Mathew

Latter Day Jesus Christ Day Saints Church, got Matthew as an Elder, to explain in different words he belongs to the missionary of the Mormons. He went to Paris, in France with some work of his Church as that city too had its branch. There, he met his future wife for the first time. He also runs a Facebook account with the same entitlement, however, the aims and vows of the missionary are still not very clear. 

He was also a staunch activist with his wife by his side, and vigorously supports Elizabeth’s advocatory moves for the betterment of victims of abuse and child abduction and trafficking and they both together founded a foundation with the name of Elizabeth.

How the two of them met with each other first time

On a mission endeavor of the Mormons, Gilmour and Elizabeth met for the very first time in the city of Paris, in the year 2009. Elizabeth was immediately impressed on him and the two began seeing each other. 

Matthew said in one of his interviews that he never knew while dating that Elizabeth was the former ex-abductee who made headlines for her remarkable personality and confidence. Their meeting places, when they started dating, were mainly their hometown cities, Salt Lake City and Aberdeen. Three years passed by, and then in 2012, Matthew proposed his love and the two of them decided to marry. In the seashores of beautiful Hawaii, in the same year of their proposal, the couple got married. Only friends and close relatives were called for the party. So a year 2015, their first child, a daughter, was born to the couple who was named Chloe. And then in April, in 2017, their second child, a son now, was born and was named James. 

Appearance and Net Worth 

Gilmour is a British man of 30 and belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity. He has darkish brown hair with British blue eyes. Other bodily details like height and weight are not revealed. Nothing is known of his accumulated wealth as his income is mainly generated from his missionary church. However, Elizabeth made a net worth of 1.7 million US dollars. 

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