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It is not only the celebrities who are very popular nowadays, but YouTubers have also got considerable recognition. We are talking about a very popular media star, vlogger and YouTuber whose name is FaZe Banks. The basic source of income for FaZe Banks is his YouTube channel and he has more than 4,.5 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. He is very popular because of the videos that he post while playing the game call of duty. He is also a part of FazeClan that he himself founded and the basic purpose of this clan is nothing else but online gaming.

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The real name of FaZe Banks is Ricky banks and the birthplace of Ricky is Lawrence, Massachusetts.He was born on October 18, 1991 and today he is 21 years old. In the beginning, he was very attached to his birth place and spent a lot of his childhood in Lowell.When he was 19 years old, he shifted to Florida. His schooling was done from his birth place and which was named Lowell high school.He was very much attracted towards the digital world and therefore, he’s a huge fan of online gaming. We can say that he is completely addicted to watch the video games because he keeps on playing video games a lot of hours in his daily time.

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Career in Vlogging

Video blogging is something that has made his career very popular. It was in the beginning when he was posting videos made from his live video gaming. He is video blogging became very successful and popular among the YouTube and he has also got millions of followers nowadays. In the beginning, he was not so popular but as fast as he started playing a lot of games, he gained recognisation among people and got a huge fan following due to his gaming skills.

He started his career on YouTube by creating a channel which was named as BanksHasBanks.With this name, He got huge recognisation but later on he change the name of his channel to FaZeBanks. Also, it was not so early when he got popularity among people after changing his name. It took a very long duration of time which was very hard time for him. He created his first video on 5 October 2011 from the game called call of duty and it got a lot of popularity because of the huge fan following of the game as well.

Net worth

It is not only the acting and music industry that is providing a lot of income to the members but YouTube is also a very great source of income for many people. Nowadays, people are making million and FaZe Banks is one among them. From his YouTube career, FaZe Banks has earned a total net worth of $12.5 million.  He became popular after struggling to much but his age was not very much when he became popular. He is fond of keeping bulldogs and also have a very expensive car in his collection.

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