FatBoy SSE Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

On November 16th, 1993, with Tyriq Thomas Kimbrough’s real name, he took birth in Irvington, in New Jersey. Later known as FatBoy SSE, he is an American comedian, rapper, YouTuber, and social media star. 

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Family, Education, And Drug Charges 

No info is available regarding his parents, but it is known that he was raised by them in New Jersey, alongside many siblings. At school, he played football, but studies never interested him. During his teenage, he started to sell hard drugs such as cocaine to get rich. 

Getting Jailed For Narcotics Charges: Harsh Life 

Tyriq was so much involved in the drug business that he wouldn’t get out of it even at high risk of going to jail for life. He was jailed, of course, for this, but after a couple of years got his bail. 

Choosing The Life Of An Instagram Rapper 

Leaving drug business, he thought of rapping as his career option. So he starts making short homemade rap singles for Instagram. His song “Want 2” became extremely viral, giving him the motivation to go forward. 

From A Rapper To A Comedian 

After getting a bit of success as a rapper, Tyriq used his good sense of humor to try his luck in comedy too. This was also for Instagram, and they became a hit. Celebrities like 50 Cent, Meek Hill, and Michel Bell shared some of his videos. 

Arrest In 2017

For driving a Ferrari without a license, he was jailed again on October 17th, 2017. He was released the next day, and there he uploaded an Instagram video where he shared unbearable police brutality, who held him at gunpoint for just not having a mere car license. 

Personal Life Of The Instagram Celebrity 

FatBoy was in a relationship with a woman named Jes. But they broke up in 2019 February, as FatBoy used to beat her. This could have destroyed the career of the once drug dealer, but she has not taken brutal steps against him yet. 

How Does He Look? 

FatBoy SSE is about 5ft 10ins (178cm) in height, with undisclosed weight. Being overweight used to be his brand, but now it seems that he must have lost 50lbs at least with proper exercise and diet. Now, as he has gained popularity, he doesn’t need the weight anymore. 

Internet Presence 

We all know that with the sole help of the internet, Tyriq had launched his career as a rapper and is not famous. But he deleted his Instagram and Twitter. On Facebook, he has 450,000 likes and on YouTube has 80,000 subscribers. 

The Total Riches Of FatBoy SSE

From drug dealing with the Instagram star. How much money has this journey given him? 

Sources estimate that his current net worth is around 550,000 US dollars, yet to be increased. 

He is no more available on Instagram but is doing great nowadays on YouTube. He had earlier posted nearly 500 videos on Instagram related to rapping and comedy. 

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