Elaine Andreijanssen Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

Elaine Andreijanssen took birth in the 1980s, somewhere in Singapore. By profession, she is a financial analyst and a businesswoman but is mostly renowned for being the wife of Eduardo Saverin. Eduardo is a financial investor and is a famous person as he was one of the co-founders of Facebook and currently holds 2% of the total profit shares of the company. 

Life Story And Career

Elaine belongs to the Indonesian-Chinese ethnic group and grew up in a very wealthy family in Singapore. Since childhood, she dreamt of becoming a successful businesswoman herself. After completing matriculation from Raffle’s Girl’s School, she moved to the United States of America and lived in Massachusetts, carrying on her studies at the University of Tufts. She went back to Singapore to launch her career after graduation as a financial analyst. She made huge developments in her family businesses, earning her billions of dollars.

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Who Is Eduardo Saverin?

Eduardo Saverin took birth on March 19th1982, and he was raised with a couple of siblings by his parents in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro. His mother was a psychologist, and his father was an extremely established businessman. He later moved to the United States of America to study in the prestigious Ivy League college, The University of Harvard.

He became very interested in meteorology, too, while studying at Harvard. There he met Mark Zuckerberg, and they made the plan to launch a social networking project. 

The Controversies Regarding Saverin

Earlier, Eduardo had a huge stake in Facebook, which was nearly around 2 million in 2012, and then after his rift with co-founder Marc, he began to lag, which has lowered up his stakes. He sued Mark once, alleging to use the company’s profits for his usages. Since then, Eduardo has been investing his money in numerous businesses, but they are not doing as great as Facebook is doing worldwide. But, anyway, he still enjoys about 2 percent of the total accumulated profit share from Facebook annually. 

She stirred up controversies when he confessed that he would rather go, live and invest in Singapore than the dead rubber USA. 

Andreijanssen’s Personal Life 

Saverin married Andreijanssen in the year 2015 after dating and being engaged for a couple of years on the Riviera of French, a place located in France’s Mediterranean coastline. That place is considered one of the finest and most luxurious resort areas in the whole wide world and because of being the hub of cruises. The couple seems to live quite a happy life together since their marriage. However, they have no kids till now of their own.

The Riches Of The Couple 

Andreijanssen has not disclosed her net worth for her secretive nature. But it is surely crossed the billion mark. Saverin has 10 billion US dollars in total as his net worth.

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