Eduardo Tamaya Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

On an unspecified date in 1981, Eduardo Tamaya took birth in the USA state of Hawaii and is probably known for his identity as the ex-husband of celebrity politician former wife, Tusli Gabbard. She serves as a politician as well as the major for the National Guard Army of Hawaii. 

Early Life, Education, And Career 

Ancestrally he belongs back to the Philippines, where his Yoga studio owner uncle lives. His parents settled in Hawaii, USA, and thus gradually becoming citizens of the country, and in the US land, he took his birth. From a very young age, she became best friends with Tulsi, his future wife. And finally, their friendship gradually grew into a romantic relationship. Nothing is known about Eduardo’s career as no one knows what he did for a living. The only information available is that he was self-employed in Hawaii, suggesting a business or a freelance worker. 

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Marriage And Life Together 

The couple married each other at a very young age, in a wedding ceremony attended only by close friends and family. During those days, Tulsi was a martial arts enthusiast and used to practice some. And this fit physique of her got her into the National Army Guard of Hawaii. But their marriage was not very long-lived as in 2006, their relationship got into bad terms, and finally, they decided to separate and ultimately divorce. 

Political Career Of Tulsi Gabbard

Tulsi, through an announcement, made it clear that she is going to campaign for a US representative House position, and she won it with a whopping 80.6% votes. She had now served almost half a decade terms as a Congresswoman, making many new laws and policies. She once introduced a new bill to reward Filipino American and Filipino World War II veterans and an approach for preventing child abuses on military bases. 

Basic Information About TulsiGabbard

After her military services, Tulsi became a legislative member for the state of Hawaii as US Senator. She served in Oklahoma, but she carried on her studies at the Alabama Academy for Military. She earned the second lieutenant’s rank and was assigned to the Hawaii Guard National as the Military Police Army Officer. 

Tamaya’s Personal Life

Gabbard married Tamaya in the year 2002, and they stayed as married couples for about four years. The Iraq war has broken their family, they believe, as Tulsi was away from Tamaya for over a year serving as a veteran soldier for the US during the Iraq War. Post-divorce, Tamaya has refrained from revealing any of his life details. On the other side, Tulsi married Abraham Williams, a cinematographer. 

The Net Worth Of Eduardo Tamaya

Eduardo’s total accumulated net worth is estimated to be around 2 million US dollars per credible source. 

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