Chris Kläfford- Bob Linger, A Long Friendship Love Relationship for Mutual Support

The success of artists and musicians is defined mainly by their unique brand and image. Many music albums are released, but all are not from successful artists. His number usually knows a successful musician of fans. Still, many musicians don’t sustain for long in the music world. Some artists use music strategy to stand out as real artists. Chris Kläfford is one of the standout musicians whose name is well associated with Seasons 14 of America’s Got Talent.

About Chris Kläfford, a Swedish singer-songwriter

Chris Kläfford is a very talented Swedish singer-songwriter who was born on April 10, 1989, in Ramsberg, a small village of Sweden. Not much information regarding parents, sibling, education, and early life is available on the internet about this talented music artist. He is six feet tall man of white ethnicity with brown hair and dashing personality, specializing in rock, akustisk, and pop music. One can view more about this artist on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. He started his music career performing in small bars for ten years. His fame came in 2017 when he won the thirteenth series of the Swedish Idol series. He did over a hundred individual shows in Sweden in 2018. Kläfford has over thirty-five million streams, platinum sales, and sold-out concerts.

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Chris Kläfford – Bob Linger relationship

Chris Kläfford is 33-year-old, still unmarried, but has a girlfriend, named Bob Linger. Bob, born on August 31, 1988, is elder to Chris. This girl is a photographer by profession and owns a YouTube channel. She started with a vlog then shared pretty much anything including Chris’ Video. She showed Chris singing a cover of ‘Wake Me Up’. According to some source, Bob met Chris in January 2013 and developed instant relationship the same year in February. Both are in a mutual relationship for over seven years. The fact about their first meeting is not known, but some sources reveal that Chris added Bob on his Facebook, and met randomly. Chris feels lucky to add Bob. She is very significant for Chris, as he considers her his ‘rock’ of support. Bob prepared Chris for the Swedish Idol; she supported him throughout the journey of Swedish Idol. Chris eventually won the title and got fame. He gives the credit of his success to Bob, and consider her lucky for him. 

Strong bonding between Chris and Bob

This relationship is unquestionably rock solid. It will go a long way, as seven years are too much for a love affair without the decision of a nuptial knot. The Bob-Chris relationship is more than a married couple to show off their support for one another on social media. Bob shares many pictures of Chris on social media platforms and adorns him. Amazingly, Chris’s Instagram account reflects only these pictures, and the space is almost full. The couple celebrated their sixth anniversary on February 06, 2019, and shared their photo captioned “caption “6th anniversary. Best friend and love of my life!” It depicts that both are real friends, and also love each other. No one knows whether they will maintain a live-in relationship, marry or remain friends for life.

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