Candice Neistat Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

Candice Niestat is a jewelry designer and an entrepreneur based in South Africa. But despite all this, she is famous to the world for being the wife of Casey Niestat, the famous YouTuber. The couple is married since the year 2013, and they have one child of their own. 

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Basic Facts About Candice: Life 

On October 19th, 1977, Candice Pool took birth in the capital city of South Africa, Cape Town, but she was raised by her parents in Texas, USA, as her family migrated to the United States soon after her birth. From her formative age, she was interested in jewelry designing and art in general. But, after that, nothing else is known of her childhood.

Parents, Siblings, And Education

No info relating to the whereabouts of her parents — their name, original ethnicity, and profession or the presence of any of her siblings. 

As she has a secretive nature, Candice has never really talked about her life as a student. It is unknown whether she has ever attended college or from which school he has done or matriculation. 

Career As Of Now 

She has no prior education in crafts and arts, but her dreams to become a successful jewelry designer were fulfilled, and she started with bracelets, earrings, and things like that. Candice started her career with hard work, going door to door to sell her products, but is deemed to be a wise move, as her business began to grow gradually, and soon she could establish her very own company, named Finn Jewelry. Her business grew further, and in 2009 she owns a massive showroom in New York for her company. Since then, her main focus was on bridal-based jewelry designs, and she recently launched the men’s jewelry section. 

The Personal Life Of Candice 

She is the wife of famous YouTuber Casey Niestat. They eloped in the year 2005 and got married in Houston, a town in Texas. They separated, but after a couple of years, the romance started to rekindle between them, resulting in a patch-up, and they again arranged an engagement for them on February 18th, 2013. They have two daughters of their own, Georgie and Francine. 

Casey Neistat, Short Intro 

Candice is a secret person, and hence we have covered almost everything about her, so let us now share some details about her husband, Casey Neistat. He was born on March 25th, 1981, in Connecticut, USA, in a Jewish family, as Casey Owen Niestat. He left school at 17 and never went back to it. He once used to work as a dishwasher at a local seafood restaurant in Mystic, a place in Connecticut. But now, with his grand YouTube Channel, he has around 12 million active subscribers. His videos mainly cover things relating to his life. 

Net Worth Of The Couple 

Casey has a net worth of over 25 million US dollars, and his wife Candice has 1.5 million US dollars in total. 

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