Brigitte Goudz Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

Born in the town of Pennsylvania, in the United States of America, Brigitte got herself the nationality of an American. Her exact date of birth is the 24th of July 1994, suggesting a zodiac sign of Leo. She is not only known for her illustrious career as a fitness modeler, but also for being a social media influencer or star. 

Early Life and Life As A Student of Brigitte

With her parents, she has spent almost all of her childhood days in her hometown, Pennsylvania, but she refuses to talk about it rarely as she loves to keep it a secret and away from the media’s eyes. As she never mentioned any presence of any siblings, it has been accepted that Brigitte might have been the only child of her parents, who have raised her. 

She has, however, opened up to be an insecure person in her childhood and teenage days and has been the quietest among her entire friends’ circle. However, she began to grow confident after her matriculation was over and she began to hit the gym on a very regular basis. She finally achieved the exact looks and personality she wanted all her life, and that took her insecurity all away from her and helped her to be a self-confident woman. This self-confidence did her a world of good, and she became a renowned model of fitness. As her career was already launched she refrained from going to a college to carry on with her education. 

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Brigitte’s blooming Career

When Brigitte finally opted for the looks and personality she wanted to acquire, the first thing she did was to launch her own Instagram page. She instantly starts adding more and more to her bunch of fans, and then her first break came as a modeling group called her up for her very first photoshoot ever as a model. As she was finished with it, after about a month she got called up by the greatest modeling scouts present in the city of Pennsylvania, and hence her modeling career was launched and grew thick and fast. She, after those two events became the apple of the eye for various fitness agencies like The Code of Violet Dress, Granite supplementary, Nutrichief, and the list goes on and on. No wonder that she became the cover girl for various magazines and was also approached by numerous fashion brands. 


Pouring water on all the rumors which were circulated regarding her dating somebody, especially a boy he gets at the gym, her attitude towards those questions shows that she is happily single, unmarried, and a mother of no kids. In 2017, the rumors of her dating a well-known YouTuber were also deemed to false by herself. 

Appearance And Wealth of Brigitte

Brigitte is now a 26-years age of a woman with long pitch-black hair and brownish eyes. Her height and weight sequentially are 5ft 6 ins (167cm) and 140lbs (63kgs). With having a net worth of over 400,000 US dollars, she is one of the richest fitness modelers in the whole state. 

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