Baxter Neal Helson Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

Baxter is the former husband of Tish Cyrus, the mother of a famous actress and pop star, Miley Cyrus. The couple was married for three years, from 1986 to 1989, and during their days of married life, they had a couple of kids, Brandi Helson and Trace Helson, and were adopted by Billy Ray Cyrus, Tish’s second husband. 

Childhood And Education

In 1966 December, Baxter Neal Helson took birth in Ashland, in the state of Kentucky, USA. Since childhood, he has been attracted to music, and for that, he picked up the drums as her most liked musical instrument. His parents brought him up in his hometown, but we do not know anything about her childhood as he seems to be a very secretive person. 

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Relation With Tish And Divorce 

A struggling musician during that time, Tish used to a member of a hard rock band, and slowly she was gaining recognition as a promising amateur musician. However, she became pregnant soon at the mere age of 19. The couple decided to marry in 1986, and after a year, Tish became the mother of her first child, a daughter named Brandi Helson Glenn, now known as Cyrus. Cyrus is an actress, DJ, and singer. 

Their marriage was going well. A couple of years later, in their marriage, a son named Timothy Neil Helson, known now as Trace Cyrus Dempsey, is a professional guitarist. Sadly, after the birth of their second kid, their relationship began to take an ugly turn and finally ending up in divorce. 

After Divorce Life 

Baxter lived his life as he was after their divorce, but he successfully managed to dodge the media. After the separation, the custody of their kids was given to Tish, while Baxter only allowed visitation and limited rights. 

When Billy Ray Cyrus married Tish, he decided to adopt them. Baxter currently lives in the city of Phoenix, in the state of Arizona. 

Biography Of Tish Cyrus 

Born with the actual name of Jean Leticia Finley on May 13th, 1967, in the US state of Tennessee. She is a producer, actress, and manager. Tish came under the media’s spotlight after her marriage with Ray Billy Cyrus and Miley Cyrus’s mother. In the year 2010, her relationship with Billy as he filed for a divorce. However, a romance between them rekindled, and the marriage is still intact. The idea of their divorce was mutually canceled. 

Miley Cyrus 

Miley Cyrus is the biggest star of the Cyrus family. She is a very well-known singer, actress, and songwriter. As a kid, living a healthy life was challenging for her, as she was born with a heart condition that gives her an abnormal heart rate at times. However, she rose to massive popularity after her debut television series “Hannah Montana.” That series was famous worldwide. As of now, her net worth is 160 million US dollars. 

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