Amanda Ellis Lee Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

Amanda Lee is a fitness model, Canadian by nationality, who gained recognition as she was once tagged on an Instagram post of a renowned dancer. She is now enjoying her successful career in modeling, the fitness industry, and fashion. She has recently crossed 9 million Instagram followers, and she uses her Twitter account to let her fans know about her whereabouts. Alongside her excellent going business career, she also serves as a personal trainer.

Childhood And Educational Background 

On 13th December 1986, somewhere in Canada, she was born as one of the five children of her family and is the second eldest. Her mother used to be a trainee too but not a fitness model as she is. She got dancing lessons from the College Of Sarah Lawrence, and during those days, she started to become more mentally strong and ready to pursue her dream career. Her mother has always been supportive of her daughter. 

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Surgery, Weight, Height

Amanda stands tall at 175 cm, and her weight is approximately 125lbs. She possesses a lean and robust physique with alluring curves. She is blonde and has blue-colored eyes. Rumors began to spread that Amanda had rhinoplasty, a breast augmentation, nose job, and veneers, although she had never confirmed it herself. 

Her Popularity On Instagram 

She got her Instagram popularity quite suddenly, and she is often misled by how quickly everything had taken place in her life. She began to gain popularity after a famous dancer tagged her praising her skills on her Instagram posts. And after that, we all know what happened; she has almost 9 million followers on Instagram to learn and has been a sensation on that platform since. 

And this whopping Instagram Fame and made her more ready for a modeling career, and she began receiving handsome modeling contracts since then. 


As of now, it seems like Amanda is passionately single, according to authoritative sources; she is now determined to concentrate only on her career. Hence she could not find the man or woman of her life. She is not even available at any dating apps.

The Riches Of Amanda Ellis Lee

She has easily crossed the 1 million dollar mark and receives around 22,000 dollars for her single post with sponsorships. 

Training And Workouts Routine 

What made her famous is her glutes; therefore, she mainly focuses on lower body exercises, including deadlifts, lunges, squats, and step-ups, twice a week. 

One day of the week, she does hard weight training, and the other day she does cardio lower body exercises, which helps her maintain her vital statistics. 

More About Her 

She often loves to enjoy her cheat days lounging on the sofa with Netflix and pizza. She does yoga every morning, which helps her with medications. Her celebrity crushes are Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian, and hence people often throw rumours that she may be gay. 

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