Tanner Fox Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

There is no shortage of YouTube personalities nowadays. YouTube is one of the most important sources of income for many people, and one such person that you should know about as a YouTuber is Tanner Fox. Tanner Fox Was born on December 22, 1999, which makes him 22 years old. He was born in San Diego, California, USA, and he is not married yet. He’s been a YouTuber from the very first day of his career, and he’s been leading a perfect life as a YouTuber and earning a huge income out of it. YouTube is the only source of income he has right now, and he is a prevalent YouTube personality in the USA.


Tanner Fox is a viral celebrity on YouTube in the USA, and he makes video blogs on daily life experiences. He is very fond of stunt scooters, and he has got skills for the same. It was the first time he posted his video on YouTube showing his tips and tricks for the stunt scooter. His stunt scooter video is the main reason because which he gained popularity over YouTube. 

Tanner Fox Was born in San Diego, California. It was 22nd December 1999 when he was born, and he has had a very great childhood. He grew up with his sister and mother named Lindsay and Ronda, respectively. His family was very supportive of whatever he wants to do. He has been practicing different kinds of techniques on the skateboard Stunt scooters, which has made him a viral YouTube celebrity nowadays. There are a lot of people who are inspired to a large extent by his stand videos and skateboarding skills. If you are also willing to learn some excellent tips and techniques on a skateboard, you can definitely subscribe to his YouTube channel.

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Life as a YouTuber

Tanner Fox was earlier not interested in YouTube, but as his friends told him that he is very good at skateboarding and stunt scooter skills, he created his first video, which was posted on YouTube channel MTFlims. It’s a very early age for such a person to achieve 5 million marks of subscribers in a few years, and his ultimate passion for stunts on skateboards and scooters is evident in the video see create and post on YouTube. Most of the time, he has seen performing his movie players in every style of video. His first video was published on nine September 2011. He was also titled as the insane seven-year-old hoverboard tricks at the skatepark. He is one of the most popular YouTubers in the USA when it comes to skateboarding and stunt scooters. He has also got 20,000,000+ views, and one of his tracks has also reached 50,000,000+ views.

Net worth

Tanner Fox is also a viral YouTuber in the USA; he has only been able to earn the US $500,000 to date. His net worth is still increasing, but the sole income source of Tanner Fox is YouTube. Due to his excellent skills, several popular skateboards and stunt scooter brands also hired him for marketing activities for their products. He is still earning and will definitely reach the 1 million mark within a few years from his YouTube income and also from marketing jobs.

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