Stephanie Buttermore Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

In 1990, on February 25, Stephanie Buttermore had taken birth in the USA. Stephanie has a Pisces horoscope, and she is an American. Along with this, Stephanie received huge recognition because of her modeling fitness world, and also, she is one of the stars on the internet.

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Stephanie Buttermore’s early life and educational background

Stephanie does not reveal more things about her family. But, Stephanie’s interest was in sports, and she joined a soccer team and finished her matriculation from high school. Stephanie received her graduation degree from South Florida University, and after that, she completed her Ph.D. Stephanie wanted to focus on and research cancer treatment.

Fitness model career by Stephanie Buttermore

Stephanie is mainly an expert in ovarian cancer, and she is working as a medical scientist. And Stephanie attends the gym every day to reduce her stress in life. Stephanie shared her photos on her Instagram account and also clicked gym pictured and uploads there. Stephanie Buttermore joined many photoshoot events, and she dealt a contract with many topmost USA modeling agencies. Buttermore gave her poses for several fitness magazines, and she also did a photoshoot for many top companies and bikini brands.

Stephanie Buttermore’s Diet and workout plan

However, Stephanie started lifting heavyweight and wanted to excel in a workout. So Stephanie worked hard in the gym and lifted heavy compounds.

Personal life and marriage of Stephanie Buttermore

Stephanie would like to keep silent in her personal life. Stephanie met with a well-known bodybuilder Jeff Nippard in 2014, and they dated each other. However, both couples stayed in a relationship for more than five years, and there was no planning for marriage. And according to the media, Stephanie Buttermore is still in a relationship with Jeff, but they did not tie in a knot and no kids together.

Stephanie Buttermore’s Likes and interesting facts

Stephanie keeps her interest in doing chemistry and math subjects. Stephanie is also a traveler, and she traveled throughout the USA with her boyfriend Jeff – and both love to travel through minibus and drive Volkswagen. Stephanie likes to attend parties, and she is a nature lover and would like to visit clubs and watch movies at night.

Appearance and net worth by Stephanie Buttermore

Stephanie’s age is 29 years now. Stephanie’s hair is black, and her eyes are brown. Stephanie’s height is around 5ft 3ins (1.6m) tall, and her weight stands for 120lbs (54kgs). As per an accurate source, the net worth of Stephanie Buttermore is accumulated over $300,000.

Stephanie Buttermore’s Social media presence

Stephanie is highly active on her social media accounts. On 2014, November 23, Stephanie set up her YouTube channel that is followed by 730,000 subscribers and viewed by 57 people. Three hundred fifty thousand people follow Stephanie’s Instagram page, and 2,100 people on her Facebook account follow her.

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