RiceGum personal life, career and net worth

YouTubers also have a very well-established career and name in the industry nowadays. The YouTuber that we are going to talk about today is RiceGum. RiceGum is currently living in America and he was also born in America. The place where he took place is Las Vegas, Nevada in United States of America. He is 24 years old and this is a very small age to become such a huge YouTuber in such a big industry. It is not at all an easy thing to establish a name in industry which is free for everyone to enter and he had achieved great popularity in this.


When we talk about some of the most popular YouTubers across the globe, you can never forget the name of RiceGum. He was born in November 19, 1996 in Las Vegas. He was born in USA and also grown up there. He’s an American YouTuber who is also an online gamer Who is definitely going to be a very popular singer as well. He has recently become a musician and such a wide range of talents made him a very famous YouTuber. His real name is Bryan LeAnd he is born from both Vietnamese parents. The name of his father is LuatQuang and his mother’s name Is Quang Ly Lely.

It is a coincidence that the age of both of his parents is 40 years.

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Career on youtube

On 2 October 2012, it was the first time when he uploaded a video on the YouTube. He started his career in the YouTube being an online gamer and the first video he uploaded on the YouTube us from a game called call of duty – modern warfare three. There was a huge fan following of this particular game among the people already which made the YouTube channel of RiceGum grow very fast and also  in the short period of time.

It was not only the game that made him very popular but he has also got a sense of humour. A little pinch of comedy in his online gaming videos made it very interesting for the viewers. Due to this, a lot of viewers and subscribers were attracted towards his channel and this made him very popular.It was in 2015 when he reached 1 million followers and it was the first step taken by him towards becoming popular.Also, during that period of time, he talked very ironically about some of the young stars and this also brought him a huge fan following towards his channel.

Net worth

He is nowadays considered to be very popular and the basic source of his income is considered to be YouTube. He has also got a lot of sponsorship offers which contribute a lot and a bigger portion to his net worth. The estimated net worth of RiceGum is considered to be about $8 million. The basic source of his net worth is constituted by adding on YouTube videos and sponsorship from various popular brands.

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