Paul Beck Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

In the states of the US, in the 50s era, Paul Beck took birth. Paul is an American, and he is one of the top ex-model in the fashion industry. Paul Beck got popular after tying in a knot with a renowned fashion designer Donatella Versace.

Paul Beck’s early life and educational background

Paul belongs to a middle-class family and completed his matriculation from a nearby high school and at the age of 16, Paul developed his interest in a modeling career and did not go for further study in college.

Modeling career by Paul Beck

Paul got involved in modeling the US in the USA, and he appeared in the brand Versace for modeling when Paul met with Donatella, so he reached utmost fame and worked with Donatella Versace to him to a high status.

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Paul Beck’s love and personal life

In 1980, Paul met Donatella, but in 1983, they tied in a knot, and only the closest relatives mates attend their wedding. Donatella and Paul were blessed with a daughter. However, after the demise of Paul’s brother, Allegra got assets of 50 percent of his father’s company, and at present, it is available around $5.8 billion. After that, Donatella gave birth to Daniel Versace’s boy, but finally, in 2000, the couples got separated. As they got separated in 2004, Donatella remarried Manuel Dallori, but in 2005 the couples’ relationship was broken and separated. 

Likes and hobbies by Paul Beck

Paul is passionate about traveling worldwide, and during his modeling career, Paul has traveled to many destinations in the world. And, one, this is always suspected between Paul and Donatella’s separation because of traveling by Paul. Paul also appeared in lots of movies, and they are A Scanner Darkly, The Eyes of Me, and more. Mel Gibson is Paul’s favorite actor, and Anne Hathaway is his favorite actress although, Mad Max and Braveheart are Paul’s favorite films. Paul love shopping a lot, and he is extremely shopaholic, and he always loves to visit shopping malls to buy branded dresses. However, black is Paul’s favorite color, and he loves to wear designer suits.

Paul Beck’s Appearance and net worth

Paul’s age is now 64 years old. Paul’s hair is dark brown, and his eyes are sapphire. Paul’s height is around 5ft 8ins (1.72m) tall, and his weight stands for 152lbs (69kgs). According to a source, the net worth of Paul Beck is estimated greater than $1 million, and Donatella Paul’s wife’s net worth is approximated more than $200 million.

A Short Introduction about Paul’s ex-wife Donatella Versace

In 1955, on May 2, Donatella Versace took birth in Milan city located in Italy. Donatella comes under the Taurus birth sign, and she has mixed ethnicities, including American Italian. Donatella is one of the top-notch businesswoman fashion designers, and she became famous from Versace, and here she worked as a chief executive officer.

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