Paige Wyatt Net Worth, Career, Early and Personal Life

Paige Wyatt is a model and a former television persona, who was born on the 30th of October 1984 in Ridge, Colorado, USA. She is primarily recognized due to her family reality show entitled “American Guns”, which has been broadcasted on the Discovery Channel from 2011 till 2012.

Upbringing and Education

Paige was born under the Zodiac sign of Scorpio and holds the nationality of the United States. She had been living with her stepfather Rich from an early age. Rich is a popular gunsmith who possesses a weapon store at which Paige’s mom Renee Wyatt works as the executive. She also has a sibling named Kurt, a sales associate and weaponry instructor at the same shop. Before Paige devotes her time to her profession as an actor and model, she’s expected to finish her studies first. Apart from Paige’s brother Kurt, she has two half-siblings from her mother Renee and father Rich- Brook (born in 2006), and Ginger, born in 2009. The Wyatt’s family had a prosperous organization the sold weapons till 11 February 2016, when her step-dad was imprisoned and accused of tax evasion and illicit weaponry where it was not permitted as such. The detention resulted in the shop being shut down and the family TV show ended.

Paige’s Profession

Paige Wyatt’s vocation started in 2016 with her debut on the reality show “American Guns” that was first aired on October 10, 2011, crossing more than a million views on each episode. Additionally, she operates her ventures including Hughwear Clothing Line, and several firearm collections as well.

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Rich Wyatt’s Detention

Paige’s stepfather Rich was denied his Federal Firearms License (FFL) after the end of the reality television show because of an infringement of guidelines and gun laws. Notwithstanding that, he kept on running his store utilizing someone else’s FFL permit. After a year, his gun store was robbed as burglars broke into the store and robbed quite a lot of weapons. Thereupon, after reporting the incident to government agencies, the ensuing inquiries revealed some monetary anomalies. A couple of years later, after the ATF teams raid, the store ceased to operate. Despite not having a proper license, Wyatt continued selling handguns which led to his imprisonment. Moreover, it was also reported that he filled fake tax returns, not reporting 1 million dollars in his income, and was liable for 10 lawful offense checks. Thus, Rich was condemned to 6 years and 6 months in jail and three years of monitored discharge.

Personal Life

In regards to her personal life, no reliable sources could gather information about her dating history as such. It has been anticipated that she is perhaps focused on building her career in the modeling and film industry. Though she loves spending her downtime with her family members and a pet dog called Malibu.

Income Stream and Net Worth

Paige Wyatt receives her primary source of income from various private ventures, selling commodities, and lines of attire through sites and different firms too. As per the reliable sources, Paige’s net worth is valued at 1 million dollars. Also, it has been claimed that as an actress, she earns around $250,000 annually.

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