Mulan Vuitton Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal life

Mulan Vuitton was born on 9th April 1998, which her exact birthplace remains unknown. However, it is sure that she was born somewhere in the USA. Therefore, her birthplace suggests that she holds American nationality and her date of birth suggests her zodiac sign is Aries. Mulan is a 22-year old model, social media influencer, and socialite.

Flaunting her extremely expensive trips, luxurious lifestyle, frequent parties, and expensive designer fashion outfits, she became an Instagram influencer in no time. She can be redeemed notorious for her selfie-taking pose: sticking her tongue out while taking one. She had been a part of a lot of controversies, but those instead stimulated her popularity as an influencer. She resides sometimes in Los Angeles, California, and sometimes in Miami, Florida.

Childhood And Life As A Student 

Nothing is known of Mulan’s childhood, her parents, siblings, and their vocations. The name of her parents and even her actual birthplace is not known. She refused to bring her childhood, private life, and ethnicity into the public, although she is one of the most renowned social media personalities of the whole country. She probably does this because she wants people to admire her for what she is doing now in her career but does not linger on her past life truths. To add to the world of the unknowns regarding Mulan, her life as a student is also not known. No information is available that whether she ever went to school or had a college life either. People guess that Mulan’s surname is not Vuitton, but she uses it anyway probably as a homage to the famous French fashion brand, Louis Vuitton. 

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Mulan: The Social Media sensation 

Nobody can be sure of the reason for Mulan’s mind-boggling superstardom, as she never does something great to be very honest. Just flaunting her luxurious lifestyle, designer expensive clothing, controversies, and wild parties had given her this fame. Her flooding photos on Instagram in fancy restaurants, luxurious sportscars, and flaunting jewelry is responsible for her popularity, nothing more than that. 

Past Relationships And Now

In 2018, people rumored that Mulan is dating famous rapper and singer Drake. However, the two never commented on this and knocked out these allegations. Net year Trippie Redd became her boyfriend but the relationship never lasted too long. Currently, it seems that Mulan is not dating anybody, but surprisingly on 14th February 2019, from an unknown person, she received a giant teddy bear and a pair of Gucci flip-flops, which spread the rumor that she might be dating somebody privately. However, she dumped these rumors and it seems that she is far more interested in her career rather than dating somebody and be in a relationship. 

Net Worth Of Mulan Vuitton

Estimations say Mulan has accumulated a net worth of about 300,000 US dollars. Being one of the most well-known social media influencers, we guess that she’ll be able to double within a few more years.

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