Minoo Rahbar Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

In the year 1960, on August 8, Minoo Rahbar took birth, and her birthplace is unknown. Minoo works as a cat savior and loves animals a lot. Minoo is extremely popular for her participation in the TV show The Cat Daddy.

Minoo Rahbar’s Early life and educational background

Minoo studied at Grant School of the USA, located in Los Angeles City. After that, Minoo completed matriculation, went to California University in Berkeley, and completed her bachelor of arts in the anthropology subject.

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Career Beginning by Minoo Rahbar

Minoo involved in the animals, especially cats species, rescuing the project. However, Minoo has dedicated herself to animals, that she looked after the animals and constantly checked the wandering animals throughout the days and permanently get injured at her home. And treated them animals at home until they get recovery.

Even though Minoo Rahbar was fully involved in this work, seeing Minoo’s kindness towards the creature world, she was honored with the Advocacy Award of Kitten Rescue. After some years, Minoo met a person named Jackson Galaxy, and they both started working together on the same animal rescuing projects.

Love life and Marriage of Minoo Rahbar

Minoo doesn’t show any interest saying about her love and marriage life, but as per research, Minoo met with Galaxy at one of the events. And they dated each other for some years. They became husband and wife in the year of 2014.

Presently they owned 14 pets.

Minoo and Jackson have owned a total of 14 pets now, and they include four feral cats, and they live in their garage, and also they possessed nearly five cats. Besides, they have nine cats, along with owned around dogs, including two types of turtles.

Working together 

Whatever money Minoo gets as she supports her hubby doing this work of animal rescuing project. Minno also holds a manager post in Jackson Solutions, and here her job is to sell a wide range of can items and products. Minoo and Jackson did not have any planning for children, and they are living happily in Los Angeles city.

The appearance of Minoo Rahbar

Minoo’s hair is black, and her eyes are brown along with, her skin color is quite tanned.

The net worth of Minoo Rahbar

Do you want to know how much Minoo Rahbar is rich? In the year 2019, according to a genuine source, it was said that Minoo Rahbar’s net worth is more than $200,000, on the other hands, Minoo’s husband’s Jackson Galaxy’ net worth is over $1.5 million, and together they assets is around $2 million. However, both Minoo and her husband Jackson Galaxy earn together and help each other, and the coming days will be good for their future, and their wealth will increase also. Both they make money together and support animals to rescue.

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