Maui Chapman Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

In the year 1957, Maui Chapman took birth in Kailua, a town located in the state of Hawaii in the United States of America, and is probably known for the sole reason of being the ex-wife of Leland Chapman, the renowned TV personality mainly of reality shows. Leland gained his fame mainly from the TV program “The Bounty Dog Hunter” which was broadcasted from the TV station A&E. He also served as a part of the documentary show named “Death and Dog: Hunting Together.”

Career, and Relationship

Maui was brought and grown up by her parents in her hometown, Hawaii where she spends most of her childhood days. She met her future husband Leland, in the early days of the 90s. During that time Leland was not a television personality but a common man working in his father’s business endeavors. They fell in love, dated for a year and so and then decided to get married in the year 1995. Within ten years of their marriage, Maui had become a mother of a couple of children. She was always responsible towards her husband and her family while Leland continued to try his luck as a bondsman and a hunter of bounty. Some say that Maui was the one who worked and financially stabilized the family, besides being a caring mother to her kids. However, in 2005 their relationship became rickety and the two decided in favor of a divorce. According to circulating rumors, Leland’s extra-marital affairs, his close linkages with other women have been the cause behind the hasty divorce of the once-happy couple. After that due to unknown reasons, Leland was put to jail for a few months, which further deteriorated the relationship with his ex-wife. The rumors were deemed to be true, as shortly after getting out of jail, he immediately started dating a new woman. Nothing after that is known about Maui, as she decided to get away from the public eye, along with her couple of children.

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Personal life

Leland and his ex-wife, as already said before was married in 1995 and they made a couple of children together, but the relationship was crumbled by divorce in the year 2005. No further details are known about Maui after they got separation and it is also not known whether she is dating somebody else or not. 

On Leland’s side, he became closely entwined in a relationship with a woman named Lynette Yi, shortly after his release from jail. It is believed that it was Lynette, the cause, behind the divorce of Leland and Maui. Leland and Lynette made a child together but that relationship was also shattered. 

Net Worth of Maui Chapman

Maui Chapman, the former wife of Leland Chapman, has the wealth of 2.5 million US dollars which is even more than that of Leland’s accumulated wealth, which is 2 million US dollars. 

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