Manuela Escobar Net Worth, Career, Personal And Early Life

Manuela Escobar was introduced to Earth on May 25, 1984, in Colombia. His Zodiac sign is Gemini, and he holds Colombian nationality. Pablo Escobar’s father was a renowned drug dealer until he was slain in 1993.

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Early Life

Manuela grew up in Colombia with her father, Pablo Escobar, and mother, Maria – she has an older brother, Sebastian Marroquin, an architect and novelist. She came dangerously close to being killed or going deaf when a bomb exploded beneath their car, which was parked in front of their Monaco apartment complex – luckily, they were safely away from the blast.

Pablo suspected Helmer Herrera of the assassination attempt since Helmer was also a drug dealer and Pablo was a competition. Manuela had a happy upbringing since she had everything a child could wish for while her father was still living. Pablo surprised her with a horse, crafted with horns of a cow, when she asked for a unicorn for her birthday. Pablo is said to have burnt more than $2 million to keep his family warm when they were hiding in the Medellin mountains – her father so adored Manuela that he promised her she would be his last kid.

Life After Her Dad’s Death

When Pablo was killed in a gunfight with the Colombian National Police on December 2, 1993, everything changed for Manuela and her family. Manuela, her brother Juan, and her mother Maria Caballero had no choice but to flee Colombia; they travelled to Mozambique, then to Brazil, but didn’t settle until they arrived in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Manuela converted her name to Juana Manuela Marroquin Santos to put the old life behind them, and her mother and brother did the same. Manuela and her brother started high school while her mother continued to work as a real estate agent – but once, her mother’s identity and that of her entire family was uncovered.

Personal Life

Manuela hasn’t revealed any facts about her past or present relationships to the public due to her secrecy, although various reports claim that Pablo Escobar’s daughter is married.

When Manuela began assisting her mother at her real estate office, she reportedly met the man, who was one of their customers. After a few dates, the two decided to make their relationship official, and it took them two years to exchange wedding vows. Although they are rumoured to be married, they don’t appear to have any children. According to some reports, Manuela hasn’t spoken about her spouse or any other men she may have dated over the years, although she is a married lady without children.

Social Media Presence

There are various profiles on a few social media networks here on the internet, but it’s unclear whether Manuela is behind them. She started her Twitter account in June 2010, and she already has over 700 followers and has tweeted over 1,000 times. Manuela’s Instagram account has over 1,100 followers, and she has around 60 photos on it. Manuela also appears to have a Facebook profile with over 170 admirers.

Net Worth

Her present net worth is believed to be more than $600,000, according to credible sources, and is rapidly increasing owing to her engagement in her mother’s real estate business.

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