Manuel Turizo Zapata Net Worth, Career, Personal And Early Life

Manuel Turizo is a 22-year-old singer, rapper, instrumentalist, and composer. He was born in Monteria, Colombia, on April 12, in the year 2000. His zodiac sign is Aries. In 2016, he became quite popular with the singles “Baila Conmigo” as well as “Vamonos,” both self-released and produced entirely by his brother. The song ranked near the top in various nations. The song’s success landed him a deal with Sony Music.

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Early Life

Manuel was raised in a family where music was a big part of their lives. His mother and father were also musicians in the past, and his elder brother began composing beats and singing as a teenager. Since he was a baby, Turizo has been exposed to creative influences. ‘Music was sort of a mandatory thing in my home,’ Manuel recounts with a giggle. ‘I enjoyed it even though there wasn’t a single minute of peace.’ He learned to play the piano, guitar, ukulele, and even the saxophone while still in preschool. 

Manuel grew obsessed with utilizing his vocal cords as an instrument when his brother Julian persuaded him to take singing lessons, and he hasn’t looked back since. He wasn’t willing to give up his education, so he enrolled in online classes in an unidentified field. 


Unlike other budding musicians, Manuel wasn’t interested in releasing songs only to release them. Instead, he wanted to be sure of his vocal abilities before releasing his work to the world. In 2000, he released two songs, “Vamonos” and “Baila Conmigo,” both produced by his older brother Julian Turizo. Both tunes rapidly went viral, piquing the interest of promoters and journalists in the 16-year-old reggaeton phenomenon.

He went on a brief tour of Colombia and northern South America, where he was blown away by the attendance at each of his gigs, and the fans’ devotion inspired him to work even more challenging. He also made excellent use of social media to promote his work. Turizo released “Una Lady Como T” on March 17, 2017, a classically-sounding song with a contemporary, lively rhythm. The song topped YouTube’s Trending section in barely two months, with 300 million views. The music has 1.3 billion views as of August 2019, which is unheard of for an independent artist. He was featured on MTV and the Latin Pop Songs charts, and he set multiple streaming records.

Personal Life

In terms of his romantic relationships, there is practically little material available from any reliable source that adequately describes this aspect of his life. Manuel has yet to respond to these fan questions since he prefers to keep news about his relationships secret. His early associations, as well as his present position, are unknown. He’s never been spotted at any public events with any female company, and there’s no one on his social media sites that followers suspect. There hasn’t been any debate on this topic either. Turizo is straight and currently unmarried, according to the available information.

Net Worth

According to reliable sources, he has a net worth of around $2 million, which he has accumulated through relentless marketing and strategically timing the release of his songs. Manuel will easily make money in the future, although he is still a teenager.

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