Lusia Strus Net Worth, Career, Personal And Early Life

Lusia Strus in Chicago, Illinois, to Ukrainian parents, on December 13, 1969. Her zodiac sign is Sagittarius. She is an award-winning actress and a Caucasian writer. Due to her multiple roles over the years, she is likely most known to the general public for her extensive presence on television and other media outlets. She has had countless other accomplishments in her usually successful acting career since 1998.

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Early Life

Lusia was raised as an only child in her hometown by her father, Nicholas Strus, and mother, Eugenia Strus, both of unknown occupations. She doesn’t appear to have released much information about her early interests. However, most fans assume she has always had a penchant for the arts. She attended an undisclosed high school in her hometown, where she graduated in 1987. She subsequently attended Illinois State University, where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in theatre in 1991.


She joined a group of artists who collaborated so that everyone was able to write, direct, and star in their pieces. Lusia enjoyed discussing the notion for a long time. Therefore it took her seven years to decide on a big screen casting. She made her television series debut in 1998, in the episode “Meat Market” of “Cupid.” The following year, she made her cinematic debut as Shella in “Stir of Echoes.” In 2000, she starred in an episode of “Early Edition,” but in 2011, she earned a lot more attention, appearing in three films, the most famous being “The Secret.” She took a break from performing after two more appearances in 2002 until 2004 when she played as Alexa in “50 First Dates,” one of her most notable films.

Lusia continued to play characters in theatre while working on television, but there isn’t enough information about this career period to pinpoint which titles she worked on. Some of them are well-known due to Lusia’s accomplishments, such as her starring role in “Go Away-Go Away.”

Personal Life

Lusia does not appear to be eager to share this aspect of her life with the public and has kept it to herself since the beginning of her career when it comes to her love relationships. Except for one exception, there is no information on Strus’ relationships. She began dating Michael A. Pastorello at some time in her life. Still, his origins and professions are unknown to this day, and it’s claimed that the two dated for a few years before marrying in a private ceremony away from the media’s notice. They did not appear to have any children together and divorced a few years later, citing irreconcilable differences.

Net Worth

Have you ever thought about how wealthy Lusia could be in the second half of 2019? Some of the most credible sources estimate her net worth to be somewhat more than $1.5 million, which she has amassed by contributing her looks and acting skills to 32 films throughout her career. Given that Lusia has yet to consider retiring from the firm, the net above worth will undoubtedly increase.

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