Liz Hernandez Net Worth, Career, Personal and Early Life

Liz Hernandez is a renowned Hispanic TV correspondent for E! News and MTV. She was also linked to Britney Spears’s ex-husband Kevin Federline. Let’s find out her dating status, net worth, and family.

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Early Life

On April 9, in the year 1980, Liz Hernandez was born in Riverside, California, USA, and is an American citizen. Her family is unclear, except that she has a sister. In one of her “Wordaful” YouTube videos, she mentions having significant ties with both her father and mother and that her father calls her “Mi Reina.” Liz named her mum her “most ardent supporter.” She was always a bright girl enthusiastic about whatever she tried, so her parents knew their daughter would have a good life full of achievements.


Liz graduated from Riverside High School in 1998 and attended the University of San Diego, where she earned a BA in communications and psychology. Liz has always been interested in people and loves assisting others.

Career At Radio Station

She landed a job at a local radio station while still in college. Her duties included reporting celebrities’ lives and promotional work, which she completed successfully. After graduation, she joined the staff of the morning radio show in Monterey, where she co-hosted. Liz agreed to co-host “Big Boy’s Neighborhood” on Power 106 FM in 2001. Liz’s fame skyrocketed once the radio show became a massive hit in Los Angeles.

Career At T.V

Liz switched from radio to television in 2007, a life-altering decision. She worked for MTV News for four years before leaving as a journalist for E! News, where she also hosted the E! News Now program. “Entourage” (2004-2011), “The Gossip Queens” (2010-present), “The Talk” (2010), and “Exit Strategy” (2010). (2012). Liz also modeled for the Los Angeles Kings hockey team, appearing on their promotional posters.

Personal Life

Liz had to give up part of her hobbies in 2016 owing to her mother’s Alzheimer’s disease. She became her mother’s caregiver and couldn’t work as much as she used to. Liz decided to launch her initiative about the impact of daily phrases. She wanted to highlight how the right words, happiness, and kindness can shift the entire communication process, even if the dialogue is unsuccessful. In her short videos on her YouTube channel “Wonderful,” Liz explores the additional meanings and situations of words that can influence the speaker’s and listener’s point of view. Liz has about 100 videos on her channel, some of which have over 4,000 views.

Net Worth

Liz’s net worth is believed to be at $1.5 million. She still works as a TV correspondent and makes up to $75,000 each year. Her “Wordaful” endeavors also profit her. Her net worth is anticipated to rise in the future as she continues to work as a reporter and expand her “Wordaful” initiative.

Personal Life

Liz has been dating her high school lover Levi Maestro since 2000. In 2018, the couple broke up, and Liz expressed her pain on her “Wordaful” YouTube channel, claiming she was distraught, needed her parents’ support, and couldn’t handle the predicament she was in, i.e., her break up with Levi. But she got through it with the aid of her friends, including Emilio Sanchez. Liz stopped posting images of her with Levi and started posting more photos of herself with Emilio, sharing memories of their walks, dinners, etc. Her followers believe they are dating, but neither Liz nor Emilio has confirmed it. Liz doesn’t have kids, but she said she’d love to feel the love a mother has for her child.

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