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Libby Offutt is a famous figure and Randy Moss’ former girlfriend. Moss recognizes as an American football player known to be a part of the NFL (National Football League) and San Francisco 49ers. Libby often shared a tremendous glam due to her relationship with Randy. Both even got blessed with four children. In 2016, Libby came into headlines due to Moss’s accusation upon her for spending his $4 million money on drugs.  Also, Randy made another accusation upon her for leaving away the children. Later on, Libby concluded that Randy made all the false accusations of taking away her children.


Frank Montgomery Offutt and Margarette got blessed with Libby on 1 November 1975 in the USA. Libby has two sisters Angela and Jennifer. All the children grew up together. During her schooling years, Libby fell into a relationship with Randy Moss. Libby has gone through issues related to drug abuse in her past. Though, Libby claimed that she wasn’t in drug abuse. Moss even accused Libby of drug abuse, but Margarette (Offut’s mother) came out to support her. Thaddeus and Sydney, Libby and Randy’s children, are following their career as a sportsperson.  Thaddeus follows his father’s profession as a football player, and Sydney is interested in basketball. Thaddeus had also achieved by representing the LSU Tigers football program

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Libby got admission at Saint Albans High public in Kanawha County, West Virginia. After passing from there, she headed to the Riverside High School or DuPont High School as a former name. Libby turned out to be an excellent sports student in her schooling time and always got an edge over others in swimming.


In her schooling years at DuPont High School, she got pregnant with Randy Moss’ child. On 6 March 1994, she got blessed with her daughter, Sydney Nikale Moss.  After Sydney’s birth, Libby and Randy suffered from a lot of taunts. Moss also got into a fight when he reacted to an insult, and he lost his football playing chance as a part of Notre Dame as it took away his scholarship to play. Due to the fight, he even went to jail for three days.

In 1996, Libby and Randy came into the lights as they got arrested in the case of domestic violence. Later, Offutt stated it was a fight because of an argument, and Moss poured hot boiling water on her. Even after all such incidents, both got blessed with four children ahead, including Sylee, Montigo, Thaddeus, and Sydney. After having such a long relation from schooltime, both separated afterward, and Randy moved on to marry Lydia. While no such news is out from Libby’s side and she remains single till now.


With all the resources and lifestyle Libby is living, one can say that she owns a net worth of about $1 million. Usually, Libby is getting earnings from several sources, including the online character in the media. No such information is out regarding Libby’s connection to social work.

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