Lauren Marie Elizabeth Net Worth, Career, Personal And Early Life

Lauren Marie Elizabeth is a singer and an actor of an American nationality; she is also known as ‘Lulu.’ Her zodiac sign is Leo. She was born on 22 August, in the year 1995, in L.A., California, United States. She is currently 26 years old. She has played many roles in many different movies, but she was most well known for portraying a character in a series known as “How To Rock.”

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Lulu’s first appearance was in the year 2002 on television, playing the role of Nina in the episode “The Masked Eagle: Part 1”. Then, in the year 2003, she played another role in “Touch and go.” As years passed, Lulu played minor roles in primetime series, i.e., “Head Cases” (2005), sci-fi, romance, and horror series, movies, and many others. Most recently, she was portrayed in a horror series; in the year 2018, the name of the series was “witch Hunt.” 

After focusing on Side Effects, Lulu returned with the character of Kayla in the T.V. series Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and after starring in [email protected], she took the role of Patty Yang in an episode of the series Impulse, after which she went on to star as Anna in the T.V. movie What Still Remains.

Her other abilities 

Lulu was also recognized for her dancing, singing as well as multi-instrumentalist abilities i.e., playing an instrument, saxophone, bass guitar, ukulele, piano, and keyboard – and began to portray the character – Penelope Park in the C.W. channel’s television series known as “Legacies”, which began broadcasting. 

She has also appeared in a McDonald’s food commercial, which was broadcasted on television.

Early Life

Lulu Antariksa is the youngest sibling out of four, her mother is from Germany, and her father is from Indonesia. Her mother’s name is Kara Burger Antariksa, and her father’s name is unknown. She has three brothers who are older than her, their names Chris and Mark Antariksa. Lulu went to Valencia High School; she was acting and modeling when she was only 15 years old. Lulu knows how to dance and play saxophone, guitar, piano, singing, and ukulele. 

Personal Life

Lulu is currently not involved in any sort of relationship with anyone. She is single, and she also does not have any children. In the year 2013, she was in love with a famous singer-songwriter and actor known as Maxwell George ‘Max’ Schneider. They both have collaborated and sang together.

Physical Stats

Lulu has dark black hair and deep brown eyes. Her height is 5 feet 4 inches. Her weight is 54kg.

Net Worth

Lulu Antariksa’s net worth is over $500,000. She has earned this money from her acting career since the early 2000s; she has also gained enough by advising on a game show for children. She is also a singer, so she has gained sufficient from singing also. Her net worth is believed to grow as time passes. 

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