Larry Caputo Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

In New York City, United States of America, Larry Caputo took birth on August 31st, 1956, known to the world as a TV personality and a businessman. Still, above all, he is best known for being the spouse of Theresa Caputo. Theresa loves to declare herself a psychotic person and is the superstar of the show “Long Islands Medium.”

Career And Life 

Theresa met Larry met together for the first time when Larry was still working for his family business. He is more than a decade older than Theresa, but the romantic relationship grew when they met each other.  

After a couple of years of dating, they decided to marry in 1989 and have two children of their own. Larry first worked in food exporting services, later establishing his own company, which led the family to lead quite a financially comfortable life. After Theresa’s TLC show “Long Island Medium,” his fame saw new heights. 

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End Of The Relationship: Divorce

At first and after about three decades of married life, everything was looking quite good between the couple. Suddenly, in 2017, keeping everyone in surprise, they finally decided to separate and go for a mutual divorce. 

Theresa Caputo After The Hit Show Long Island Medium

Theresa, Larry’s former wife, was brought up by her parents in Long Island, in New York, with her brother. Since 2011, she began to attract national fame for her outstanding work in “Long Island Medium,” and her husband got featured quite frequently. A paranormal show shows Theresa’s ability to talk with the dead. She receives clients in her area in Hicksville, and sometimes she travels to faraway clients. The hit show ran for about a decade and ten sessions in total. Her husband and her children are very much aware of the fact that how Theresa is a medium. She staunchly believes in ghosts and the paranormal and supernatural world of ghosts and spirits and often claims that she has either seen or experienced some of them in her life. 

Many criticisms were brewed regarding this show, but what it has done was to jolly up its popularity even more and made it even more famous, and hence expanding its business to a good reach. 

Criticisms Surrounding Long Island Medium

Regarding many self-proclaimed psychotics and self-proposed psychics, people are pretty skeptical about Theresa’s actual capabilities, and many believe that it is a business endeavor fooling people with exciting subjects as the ghost world and the paranormal. Many parallel successful TV shows have criticized and debunked her show calling it false, bogus and fictitious. 

People who have seen her life have noted many flaws with her readings, which she claims to be talking with the dead. 

Larry Caputo’s Net Worth 

According to authoritative sources, it is believed that Larry has easily crossed 3 million dollars as her total wealth. 

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