Kenny Goss Net Worth, Career, Personal And Early Life

Kenny Goss is an American entrepreneur and art dealer who is most known for his association with the late George Michael, a famed singer, and composer. Goss was born in New York City and raised in Los Angeles. Previously, the two had been together for over a decade before calling it quits. The fact that George and Kenny were no longer together didn’t stop him from declaring how much he loved him on multiple occasions. After Michael died in 2016, there seemed to be no hope for the two of them to rekindle their romance.

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Early Life

Kenny Goss is the son of Earl and Ozzell Goss, and he is the brother of Nathan. Kenny was born on September 17th, 1958, in the town of Brookwood, in the state of Texas. His childhood was challenging due to the fact that both of his parents became alcoholics, which resulted in a broad spectrum of family problems.


Kenny worked hard for years to graduate from high school and enter the prestigious University of North Texas, but he eventually succeeded. When he was a student at the university, he was a member of the institution’s cheering team. He had kept his homosexuality hidden from his parents throughout the years he had spent living with them, fearing that they would be unable to cope with it. Another one of his prior girlfriends used to be a former Miss Texas.


He’s had a prosperous professional career, but it wasn’t what made him renowned in the first place. His first job out of college was selling cheerleading supplies; after that, he worked for a large corporation for a few years before striking out on his own and becoming a very successful salesman.

Personal Life

In 1996, when George was jailed in California on charges of “carrying a lewd act” while using a public lavatory, Kenny and George were finally compelled to be clean about their emotions for one another. Throughout their relationship, Kenny was there for George when he needed his assistance. Between 1996 and 2009, Kenny became a household celebrity because of his television appearances. After even discussing getting married in 2005, the pair decided to postpone the occasion due to their fear of negative media coverage at the time. Despite their differences, George and Kenny’s relationship remained close, and in 2011, Kenny paid a visit to Michael in the hospital when he was battling pneumonia.

Net Worth

Because George Michael did not leave any money to Kenny, he has become a millionaire, which has absolutely nothing to do with the musician. Along with his $10 million fortune, Kenny has initiated a legal battle to inherit a portion of George Michael’s money, claiming that he deserves it since he stood by his side through some of George Michael’s most difficult times. Yioda and Melanie Michael, George Michael’s sisters, are now in charge of administering the estate while the legal battle proceeds in the courts.

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