Julia Vins Net Worth, Career, Personal And Early Life

Julia Vins was born on May 21, 1996, in Russia, under the Gemini zodiac sign, and has Russian nationality. She is most recognized for her weightlifting career, which she began when she was only a child.

Early Life And Education

Since Julia has not mentioned having siblings, it appears that she has spent her entire life with her parents in Russia, who do not intend to be involved in the media and who are not overjoyed about Julia’s weightlifting career, believing that this is not something a female should do — Julia appears to be an only child, as she has made no mention of having siblings.

Because of her attractive look, she was very popular in high school, but she was dissatisfied with her physique as well as lack of confidence. As a result, she started going to the gym in order to gain strength and learn to enjoy her physical beauty. It took her around a year to get into shape and to be driven to do even more – it was after that year that she started lifting weights to have a more defined body shape. Julia made the decision to skip college after graduating from high school in order to devote her whole attention to her weightlifting profession full time.

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Profession As Weightlifter

Julia had to pick between kettlebell lifting and powerlifting since her school only had coaches for these two disciplines – Julia believed she would be unable to complete her exercises without the help of a professional coach, so she selected powerlifting.

Julia started her training sessions gradually, and although it was challenging at first, she rapidly fell in love with powerlifting and the sensation of strength it gave her – after she had enough confidence, she began entering competitions, but she does not seem to have won any of them. She has three personal records: squats with 235 kilogrammes, bench press with 140 kilogrammes, and deadlift with 190 kilogrammes.

Profession As Youtuber

Julia is also a YouTuber; she started her channel on September 9, 2013, and it now has over 75,000 followers and more than six million views across all of her videos. She typically uploads videos of herself going about her regular life, but you can also find footage of her at the gym, where she gives advice and suggestions to anybody interested in weightlifting. Julia has become a powerlifting celebrity and a fitness sensation over the years, and she has featured in several bodybuilding and fitness magazines.

Personal Life

Julia’s love life is quite secret, since she hasn’t shared much about her prior and present relationships to the general public. Julia dated Sergei in 2017, as shown by images of the two of them on Instagram. The two seemed to be inseparable as they travelled, worked out, and competed together; nevertheless, despite the fact that their relationship was devoid of controversies and rumours, and they appeared to be happy, they split in the summer of 2018 for unspecified reasons.

Net Worth

Her net worth is estimated to be in the millions of dollars, and it is steadily expanding as a consequence of her weightlifting career.

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