Jujimufu Net Worth, Career, Personal And Early Life

Jon Call was born on the 9th of December, 1985, in the United States of America, making him a Sagittarius with the nationality of the United States. Jujimufu, as he is called online, is a professional weight lifter who is well-known in the weight lifting community.

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Early Life And Education

Because he respects his parents’ privacy as much as his own, Jujimufu has not revealed much about his upbringing. However, he has indicated that they have been very supportive of his weight lifting endeavors – he has not mentioned having siblings, which is why he is considered an only child.

Jujimufu’s martial arts career began when his parents enrolled him in Taekwondo when he was 13 years old. Recognizing that he was in poor physical condition, his parents gave him a gym membership – the gym was conveniently situated across the street from his school. He went there every day after school to work out – to help him get back into shape.

Profession As Bodybuilder

Jujimufu’s career began in earnest in 2002, when he founded the tricktutorials.com website, which he used to teach people how to do tricks and incorporate them into bodybuilding and other activities. After competing in the 11th season of “America’s Got Talent,” he gained notoriety but only made it to the second round. Jujimufu’s chiseled physique helped him establish himself as a sought-after model. He has been in countless underwear commercials and advertising, posed for various fitness publications, and collaborated with some of the most prominent apparel and watch companies.

Jujimufu is also a writer, having published two novels, named “Legendary Flexibility” and “Train 365.” He spent more than seven years as a technical manager for a biotechnology company before quitting in December 2016 to pursue his fitness career.

He and his buddy Tom Boyden have subsequently co-founded various companies and social platforms that have performed very well. Jujimufu is a co-founder of the acropolis, a discipline that combines acrobatics with bodybuilding. Jujimufu began his YouTube channel on 13 July 2008, in partnership with his buddy Tom Boyden – it presently has over 950,000 subscribers and over 150 million views across all of their videos. They mostly share entertaining movies on exercise and weight lifting.

Personal Life

Although little is known about Jujimufu’s love life, since he loves to keep his private life private, he has allowed his admirers to see a few aspects. According to Jujimufu’s website, he spends most of his leisure time with his wife. He has not revealed anything about her, although the two are said to have met in a gym in 2005 and began dating soon afterward. They ultimately exchanged wedding vows in 2016, and although having been together for more than 14 years, they had no children due to their respective occupations.

Jujimufu has not commented on any other women he may have dated before marrying his wife, and given this is his first marriage, it is unknown if he and his wife want to have children in the future.

Net Worth

According to trustworthy sources, his current net worth is estimated to be more than $600,000. It is constantly expanding as a consequence of the different projects he is now working on. 

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