Joji- Filthy Frank Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

YouTubers have got significant fame in the previous years, and Joji- Filthy Frank is one among them. Joji- Filthy Frank Is 28 years old and was born on September 18, 1992, with an ominous sign of where to go. He is not married yet and is a viral YouTuber from Japan. You might be thinking that Japanese people are not much into YouTube Bing and other extracurricular activities, but you are wrong. There are several other YouTubers as well who were born in Japan but are not currently living in Japan for getting fame.

More about Joji- Filthy Frank

George Miller is the actual name with which you can call Joji- Filthy Frank. He is a Japanese YouTuber and was born on the 18th of September in 1992. His birthplace is Osaka, Japan, and he had spent his childhood in Japan itself. The most popular field in which he works currently is roasting videos. He has got fame and popularity by making abusive rap songs of various content over the Internet to gain fame. He entered the world of creating YouTube content in 2008. His YouTube channel is named TempuraBoyz. His channel is not only popular in the United States of America, but he is also one of the celebrities in Japan. Even if he left Japan long ago, he has got a huge fan following there.

The birthplace of Joji- Filthy Frank was Japan, and his parents also worked in Japan only. Later on, due to some financial issues and also work problems, they shifted to the USA, and Joji- Filthy Frank started studying in Brooklyn. Joji- Filthy Frank Got his name because he made the first YouTube video ever, which was based on diarrhea in a very creepy manner. This crappy thing that he posted over the Internet made him filthy frank, and because of this, he has got popularity by this name only.

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Music and filthy frank

If we talk about the music career of Joji- Filthy Frank, it was not predecided. Once upon a time, Joji- Filthy Frank had a challenge from his friends that he had to post a video on the YouTube channel, but that will not get many views. Frank was pretty much sure that if he posts videos of abusive content, that would call him views on his YouTube video. When he posted the video over YouTube, it has got near about 10,000 views, and it was his first abusive YouTube video ever.

Due to this, he got fame over the internet platform YouTube, and he decided to make that particular channel permanent forever. It was not his own decision to enter the world of music. First of all, he was just being creative and posted a video of singing himself in a pink suit. That pink dress was named the pink guy, and he got very popular after that. Such awkward things made him very popular over YouTube and also in the singing line.

His net worth

The primary source of income for Joji- Filthy Frank is none other than YouTube channels, and he has managed to gather in the net worth of US$1.5 million. You might be thinking that this is not much of an amount, but if you read down the struggle that he has done for this net worth, you will notice that it is a big deal for him.

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