Janna Breslin Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

Born on February 17th 1990, Janna Breslin took birth in Thousand Oaklands, a California place in the United States of America. With the zodiac sign of Aquarius as her birthday shows, Janna is 31 years of age, of Caucasian ethnicity, is the best-renowned fitness model, instructor, nutritional commentator and an American Academics of Sports Medicals certified physical trainer of the descent of a Scandinavian. She made most of her fame mainly among fitness freaks as her picture-perfect style and physique made her the cover face of worldwide known fitness and lifestyle magazines and through other media coverages. With such all of them, her career is only half made as of yet, and she is yet to earn more and more fans and acknowledgements.

Childhood Days And Educational Background 

Janna grew up in Thousand Oakland, which is her hometown by parents. But the names and other details of her father and mother is still to be found out by the media. 

From childhood’s hour, she has been entwined with different kinds of sports, and hence she always maintained disciplines’ hardships almost all her life, since the days of her elementary days. From a minimal age of about 13-14, she started participating in inter-country running, field & track, football. Still, she always had a greater focus on gymnastics, and he continued doing it for seven long years. After completing her high school education, she started to hit the gym and specially focused herself on weight-based training rather than other workout forms. She strictly kept on doing it, and after a few years, her hard work paid off, and she ended up becoming a fitness trainer and model.

After completing her matriculation in the year 2008, she got into the State University of California and graduated from there in the year 2012. 

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Brief Note On Her Career 

Since 2008 she has been a model, and Hanna has excelled and qualified for numerous national and international Physique competitions and earned six topper trophies. From the year 2011, she shifted herself from being only a model to become a fitness model. That has given her even more fame among many people and helped her become the cover pages of many well-known glamour magazines. 

She has provided valuable advice and suggestions regarding fitness and training irrespective of all genders, which helped them choose a better life with a lot of fitness training and eating nutritionally rich food. From 2019, she has also found herself as a social media influencer who often sees advertising for fitness and nutrition products and gives valuable tips regarding one way to lead a healthy life. 

Appearance And Net Worth 

Her exact vital statistics are still unknown, with a tanned complexion and natural blue eyes and brown hair. Her height and weight sequentially are 5ft 8ins (172cm) and 139lbs (63kgs). Reliable sources informed that Janna’s acquired net worth in total is over 1 million US dollars. 

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