FaZe Rug Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

FaZe Rug is an online name taken by Brian Awadis, who took birth in San Diego, California, USA, on November 19th, 1996. This info is proof of his American nationality and his zodiac sign of Scorpio. The Rug is a known YouTuber, loved by his subscribers for his funny comedy videos related to challenges and pranks. 

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Childhood, Early Life And Life As A Student 

His Iraqi parents raised the Rug alongside elder brother Brandon in San Diego. Rug used to play various kinds of sports during his school life. Rug started his YouTube channel even before matriculation. After completing school, he thought it better to carry on with his YouTube Channel and not attend college. His parents wanted him to study further, but he was firm with his decision. 

Career As A Rapper And A Gamer 

FaZe launched his official YouTube channel on July 11th, 2012. And now, almost after a decade, the channel counts 14.5 million subscribers, which is still growing. His FaZe gaming clan started on May 30th, 2010. Rug often collaborated with other known YouTubers such as Sommer Ray and Alissa Violet. Along with these, he runs three more YouTube channels, namely Brawadis, MOLLY ESKAM, and “Papa Rug, Mama Rug”.

Girlfriend And Love Life 

Molly Eskam and Rug met for the first time as they decided to collaborate on a YouTube video. They started to date a few days after. They are together for almost eight years now. Molly also has a very popular YouTube channel where she generally uploads videos related to dieting, exercising, and make-up tricks. In addition, she has two pet dogs, whom she often features in her videos. 

Other Interests, Favorites, And Hobbies 

Rug being himself a huge animal lover has a pet dog, whom he often features. Among sports, basketball is his most loved one out of the others. He played some basketball in his school days too but later left it. He is a lover of lawn tennis too and sometimes plays with friends from his gaming clan. However, Rug loves video games, but as a player is not as good as his other professional gamer friend in his clan. A cup of cappuccino and a good slice of pizza gets him going for the day. His favorite music band is Nike. He loves traveling and watching movies mainly at night. His most liked actor and actress respectively are Keanu Reeves and the attractive Emma Watson. Being an Emmy Watson fan, it is obvious that he loves Harry Potter. 

Appearance, Body Measurements, or Statistics 

The Rug is 25 years in age now. He has black colored hair and brown colored eyes. His height and weight consecutively are 5ft 8ins (173cm) and 128lbs (58kgs). 

The Total Wealth Of The Popular YouTuber

Want to guess the riches accumulated as of yet by the YouTuber FaZe Rug? It is estimated to be 2 million US dollars. And his gaming clan has a total net worth of over 6 million US dollars. 

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