Erdenetuya Seagal Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

Although Erdenetuya is professionally a dancer herself she is known in public for being the wife of a very popular martial artist, musician, and actor Steven Seagal. Erdenetuya has also done great in the field of dancing as she owns and earned many years throughout his dancing career.

Early Life And Life As A Student

Almost nothing is known of Erdenetuya’s early life, childhood, and family as she thought to keep them as a secret to herself and not to bring those things to the public eye. Even the very obvious facts regarding her such as age, place, and date of birth, zodiac sign is not known. However, after harder tries by the media and the gossip magazines, in particular, it was revealed that she was born somewhere in Asia, probably Mongolia with the real name of ErdenetuyaBatsukh, and after that his close friends and colleagues loves to call him Ella is short, a nickname given to her by them. 

She belongs to purely Asian ancestry and she is Mongolian by nationality. As we know she has never really talked anything about her parents but looking through his illustrious dancing career it wouldn’t be hard to assume that her family probably has professional dancing backgrounds and so they were supportive to Ella when it comes to choosing dancing as her professional career. Her academic background is not known at all, but it was later revealed that she used to take dancing lessons from a reputable dancing courses school located in Ulaanbaatar named Children’s Palace. And now Ella is one of the most known dancers of entire Mongolia.

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Career And Personal Life 

Since childhood’s hour and till now, what bothered Erdenetuya was dancing. She always wanted to be a famous dancer, and so she practiced hard all her life and reached picture-perfect skills, and was able to be what she always dreamt of. She is recognized and loved by many of her fans and others, especially by those who know her as the country-girl back in Mongolia. Above all kinds of dance forms she has learned – Ballroom dance seems to be her utmost avocation.

In the year 2001, Erdenetuya and her future husband Steven met for the very first time. The story behind it is quite fascinating and interesting at the same time. Steven went to Mongolia to see locations for his new Asian-based film and there she got to meet Erdenetuya who was serving him as an assistant and guide. They fell in love and decided to marry after about seven years in the year 2009. The couple has one child of their own, a son born on 17th September 2009.

Net Worth

Considering the great career she had in the field of dancing, it is estimated that Erdenetuya’s net worth must be over 1 million US dollars whereas his husband accumulated a net worth of more than 16 million US dollars from his career in acting and other sources.

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