Elias Harger Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

Elias Harger has opted for great popularity for being an attractive child actor who has played the known and loved the role of Max Fuller in the television series “Fuller House”. He took birth in Denver, a place in Colorado, in the USA, on October 22nd2007. 

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Early Life Of The Child Actor: He is Still Very Young

Her parents brought up Elias, with his elder brother, in Denver, a city in Colorado. He attends an elementary school as he is still a kid. As he loves to play the piano, he is given piano lessons every week. He is an active member of his school’s drama club and performs quite often, especially in Denver Center. He loves acting since a very tender age and performed his debut play at five. 

Acting Credits Under His Belt Till Now: Career 

In 2014, he got into big-screen acting with a thriller-horror film, “Popsy”, alongside Lyle DeRose and Terris Kramer. His performance for the movie got praised by critics. He appeared for only one episode, in 2014, for “The Child Inside Ghost”. In 2015, he got into a comedy short film named “Granny”, alongside Cate Feldman and Thomas Doherty. But his most prominent role is undoubtedly Max Fuller, for the hit TV series “Full House”, broadcasted by Netflix. 

Relationship, Love And Personal Life

We know he is still a child, but fans say that there is a possibility that he can be homosexual, as he plays a gayish character in the TV series Full House. But he said nothing regarding that matter to the media. He is often seen with another very promising child actress named Mckenna Grace, who can be her just friend or dating. Either does not clear the rumor of the two as of yet. McKenna gained recognition and popularity as a child actress for her role of Jasmine Bernstein, for a television series “Bernstein and Crash”.

Some Of Elias’ Mentionable Interests And Hobbies 

Other than acting, he loves to spend time on Instagram and other social media platforms. He loves to paint and draw. For his good interest in music, he learns to play the piano. For being an ardent lover of swimming, he prefers summer over other seasons of the year. 

How does He look? How Much Net Worth He Has Made Till Now? 

Elias is now 13 years old child who just turned into a teenager. He possesses short brown colored hair and brown colored eyes. He is still to grow taller, but now he is 5ft 1ins or 155cm tall, and his weight is somewhat around 112lbs or 51kgs. Now let us talk about the accumulated wealth that he has managed to save as of yet. According to credible sources, we know that he has now crossed 400,000 US dollars. It is earned from his good-going acting career and is still to grow more. 

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