Eddie Kaye Thomas Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

There is an endless number of artists in the American film industry. But Eddie Kaye Thomas is highly popular in the US who has worldwide popularity. If you have ever watched the amazing American Pie franchise, then you would surely have got impressed by the role of this actor. Yes, he is Paul Fincher of the American pie, who has added extra fun by his comedy talent in the movie. The actor has admired the fans of all age groups for his skills and talent. You should go through the below points which will give you a much better idea about his life.

Early life

Eddie was born on 31 October 1980 in Staten Island. He spent his entire childhood in New York City. He belongs to a Jewish background, but he objects to believe any religion. There is no idea about the family, but it is understood that he was supported to the fullest by his parents. He pursued his schooling in the Prestigious Professional Children school of New York.

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Career beginning

Then Thomas got a chance to get casted in the Brooklyn Shakespeare Company’s when he was just ten years old. During the 90s, he was able to create a little recognition by exposing his talents in various shows. It is clear that his early success was only because of his dedication in childhood age. This is the only reason why he has little credits in some of the biggest Hollywood openings. Although he was not highly recognized until 1990, he was assigned for the lead role in American Pie. This was considered as the turning point in the life of Eddie as he got a significant breakthrough this step. Thomas acted in line to line in the sequels of the American Pie, which were not much successful as compared to the beginner ones.

Personal life

If we discuss the personal life of Eddie Kaye, he was dating Ari Graynor; they were in a relationship from the year 2007. There is no fact or news regarding their relationship because he also tried to keep his personal life fully private.  They have acted in Nick & Norah’s infinite playlist, which was entirely romantic content that impressed a lot of audiences. Actually, they both have been observed together several times in various shows and events. The relationship does not go for long as they got separated after a few years.  There is no idea about the cause of their breakup. In the year 2013, women entered his La home and pulled a knife of Eddie. There was no further harm as the police handled the situation with the help of tear gas.

Net worth

We can say that Eddie is one of the most respected actors in the US film industry. He charged $600,000 for playing the role of Fincher in the American pie reunion part. His net worth at the present time is estimated at approximately $8 million, which are very high and all because of hard work and creativity.

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