Eazy E Net Worth, Career, Personal and Early life

Eazy-E was born in the state of California and spent his childhood in the city of Compton. In addition to being a musician and a rapper, he was also a record producer, vocalist, artist, executive producer, and recording artist from the United States.

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Early life and educational backgrounds of Eazy E

He was born to Kathie Wright and Richard Wright. His brothers and sisters were named Kenneth Wright and Patricia Wright, respectively. While his father worked as a postal clerk, his mother worked as an administrator at his school. After completing the tenth grade, Eric chose not to continue his studies and never received a diploma. He decided to sell illegal substances to earn a living since he lived in the kind of neighbourhood that encouraged such activities. 

He amassed a fortune from the distribution of illicit substances like marijuana. His friend has no knowledge of him ever dealing cocaine in the past. The drug trade was first brought to Erik’s attention by his cousin. After the passing of his cousin, Erik vowed to himself that he would make significant improvements to his life in the next days and weeks. He was the one who concluded that he wanted to pursue a career in hip-hop music.

Personal details of Eazy E  

Real NameEric Lynn Wright
Celebrity NameEazy E
ProfessionRapper, Record Producer, Entrepreneur
Date of BirthSeptember 7, 1964
BirthplaceCompton, California, U.S.
Age30 years old
DiedMarch 26, 1995

Body measurements of Eazy E

Height in Centimetres159 cm
Height in Inches5 feet, 9 inch
Weight in Kilograms68 kg
Weight in Pounds150 lbs
Body Measurements in cm81-66-84
Hair colourBlack
Eye colourblack
Relationship statusMarried
Spouse nameTomica Woods

Eazy E’s personal life,

He tied the knot just before he passed away. The year 1995 was when he passed away. He tied the knot just before 12 days. He had only turned 30 years old when he passed away. He had kids with several women. During his life, he was in romantic connections with five different women. It was a scant twelve days before he passed away that he finally tied the knot for the last time. Because of the marriage, he is a father to two young children. 

The net wealth of Eazy E

Eazy-net As of January 2021, E’s net worth was estimated to be $8 million. He has been able to achieve this because of his career as a rapper. His record label was called Ruthless Records, which he managed. Because of him, she may now claim ownership of it. It took him a long time to reach this point. It would seem that he was an example of great significance! Tomica, his wife, was the recipient of a home in the state of California from him. The family had their house seized from them due to the foreclosure process.

Achievements and Awards of Easy E

Only a tiny fraction of those engaged in the drug trade can ever get their lives back on track. Some people are taking their own lives as a direct result of the actions of this corporation. As a result of his being shot to death, Eazy-cousin E’s life was cut tragically short. The time was right for Eric to have an epiphany about his predicament, and he did so at the right moment. 

He finally accepted the reality that it wouldn’t last much longer and made peace with it! He made the most of his abilities so that he may improve himself and have a successful life. He started his career as a hip-hop performer! It is the highest possible level of human achievement! After a long history of criminal activity, he chose to devote himself to a career in the arts. Additionally, he had a single that peaked in the top ten on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

The wife of rapper Eazy E

Tomica and Eazy-E didn’t conclude that they didn’t have to be married to be happy until they began dating in 1991 in a nightclub in Los Angeles. They were both aware that they didn’t need to get married at that time. Tomica started in the music industry as a secretary for Tabu Records. However, it wasn’t until she started working for some of the most prominent production companies in the business that she began to make a name for herself. 

Tomica was given the position of Chief Executive Officer of Ruthless Records after the passing of her husband, Eric Lynn Wright. It was good for her that she was well-versed in the business of operating a record label since she was required to deal with a wide array of challenges. The choice of Tomica as CEO was originally met with opposition from a significant number of employees at the firm, who saw her lack of expertise as a potential problem. Unexpectedly, Tomica successfully turned the business around by first retaining the artists already working for the company and then recruiting new artists.

The professional life of Eazy E

The moment Eric decided to take control of his life and become a better performer was when he earned the stage name Eazy E. Recording songs was something he started doing in the basement of his parent’s house. The decade of the 1980s marked the beginning of his recording career. In 1987, he joined the group known as N.W.A., including artists like Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, MC Ren, and DJ Yella, amongst others. Together with his old friend Jerry Heller, he put together a band. 

Eric possessed eighty percent of the company’s shares, while Jerry was responsible for twenty percent. Following his passing, Ruthless Records was given to his surviving spouse. After its debut in 1988, “Eazy Duz It” almost immediately established itself as one of the band’s most successful songs. His song reached number one on the Billboard charts. Before he passed away, he resolved his differences with Dr. Dre.

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