Dexter Jackson Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

Dexter Jackson took birth on 25th November 1969 in Jacksonville, a place in Florida in the USA. This info suggests that his zodiac sign is Sagittarius, and he holds the nationality of an American. He became very famous through his illustrious career of being a Fitness and Bodybuilding professional bodybuilder. 

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Early Life And Family 

Dexter took birth in a very large family, alongside his five siblings. Growing up, he got inclined towards entertainment and loved to become one member of the very big family. Not much is known of his childhood and early life as he never shares anything about his childhood and early life details. 

Dreams Growing Up And Getting Into Bodybuilding 

Dexter grew up with a well-maintained physique even when he was just a student of elementary school. He played football in his high school team and was extremely good at running too. Once, he ran 40m in just 4.20 seconds which happens to be the best time in the whole country. Growing up, he mostly focused himself on football, he went into gymnastics and break dancing, and then enjoyed few days with martial arts — he got to hold to the 4th-degree belt (black) in Karate. Dexter’s life took a huge turn when her girlfriend once ended up becoming pregnant, and however he planned to attend his career as a student and enroll in a college, he has chosen to work so that he could bring financially himself to support himself, her girlfriend and his newborn daughter. 

Dexter’s Diet Plans And Workout 

Although Dexter seemed to be into complicated workouts and extremely hard training to maintain his perfect figure, he prefers his workout plan simple. He mainly does bench barbell press and squats. He has once shared his workout routine exactly on a website called Dexter always follows a very strict diet plan, which is a good mixture of lean proteins, complex carbs, and healthy fats. 

He thinks that cheat meal is an important thing for every bodybuilder to have; otherwise, life becomes very boring, and exercises seem trouble. Some of his loved food items include chicken and steak, which are great sources of protein. He enjoys vegetables, fruits, rice, and eggs, and the supplements include creatine, kinds of protein, and various kinds of fibers and branch-chain amino acids. 

Other Interests And Hobbies 

Dexter enjoys many things other than bodybuilding in his life, covering a wide array of numerous interests. Dexter is quite passionate about vehicles and sold and bought some cars in his life. He enjoys movies, and some of his favorite actors include Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

Net Worth And Appearance 

Dexter is a man of 50, currently. His height and weight respectively are 5ft 6ins and 107kgs or 235lbs. His net worth, according to liable sources, stands at 7 million US dollars. 

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