David Fumero Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

On December 27th1972, David Fumero took birth in the capital city of Cuba, Havana. This important info suggests that his zodiac sign is Capricorn, and as per his nationality, he is an American-Cuban. He is a 47 years old model and actor. He is probably best recognized for his exquisite role of Christian Vega for the blockbuster ABC Network soap opera “One Live to Live,” which is his most prominent and successful venture to date, and appeared for 473 episodes that ran for decades. 

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How He Became A Model 

He is handsome and muscular, which helped him become a well-known model at a very tender age, but he knew that he wanted to be an actor. However, he came to his modeling career for a video game named “Assassin’s Creed” for the lead character Altair Ibn-La’Ahad. This made him even more popular than ever before and influenced him in modeling alongside acting. 

Early Life And Family 

David took birth as, with the full name, Joseph Fumero-Sentielo, born to parents Natalia and Narciso Fumero, in a Cuban family in the capital of the country. His parents brought him up in a Christian family with his couple of siblings, Fernando, elder than him, and Joel, who happens to his younger brother. He is a secretive person and hence never shares too much information relating to his family, parents, and siblings, and hence not too much is known of them. David has not yet shared a wide array of information about his early life and childhood, which shows that he is quite devoted to his present and his future, not lingering over the past. 

Settling In USA And Educational Background 

Due to political turbulences in Cuba, his family fled to the United States to find a stable home condition and life. Later, all of his family members gained American citizenship. At 17, he joins the American Marine Corps, and after completing his military services, he went to study International Studios Actors in the capital city of France, Paris. There he gained all the necessary skills to lead in the entertainment industry, combining his skills with situational awareness and inherent charisma. He then took up the stage name of David Fumero, as he thinks that it is easy and lovely to pronounce. 

Presence In Social Media 

He is very active on several social media platforms, and from there, he keeps his fans aware of everything that is happening in his life. David also follows all the popular trends and is quite dedicated to them. He is quite active on Instagram, from where he got 48,000 followers, and on Twitter, he got 12,000 followers. 

Appearance And The Wealth Of David Fumero 

David Fumero’s height and weight, respectively, are 5ft 11ins or 180cm and 180lbs or 82kgs. As per authoritative sources are said, his net worth is 1 million US dollars. 

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