Courtney Anne Mitchell Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

Courtney Mitchell is known as a professional Canadian fashion model, but probably he has gained most of her attention as the third wife of Corey Feldman, a very well-known actor. On November 22nd, 2016, the couple married at the Fizz champagne and wine lounge of Elton John at a place called Caesars Palace in the US state of Las Vegas. She has been featured once in Playboy Magazine. She is a keyboard player and a DJ for Corey’s band, The Angels, and Corey Feldman. 

Early Life And Family 

On January 28th, 1989, Courtney Anne Mitchell took birth in Kelowna, a place in British Columbia, in Canada. She was raised by his parents in her hometown, alongside a couple of siblings, Evan and Beverly. Courtney became inclined towards various performing arts, such as dancing; at a very tender age of 8, she took lessons in tap dancing. As she grew even older, her inclination towards dancing got even more increased, alongside she has developed interests in fashion, music, and theatre.

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Personal Life 

Corey and Courtney have been working together, and then their friendly relations have turned into a romantic relationship. They started to date in the year 2012, and after four years of dating, they decided to marry in 2016, just a couple of weeks after their engagement, initially done by producer Mark Kennedy, another American actor, filmmaker, and producer. As of now, they do not have any children. 

Short Note On Corey Feldman 

Born with the full name Scott Corey Feldman, he took birth on July 16th, 1971, in a place called Reseda, in California, in the USA, to a musician named Bobby Feldman, and his mother was a cocktail waitress named Sheila Feldman. He is the 2nd child and was raised with four siblings, his elder sister named Mindy, two young brothers, Devin and Eden, and the youngest of them all is Brittnie. 

Scott’s Career 

Corey had started his career when he was just 3; he got himself featured in an ad for a commercial for the fast-food chain McDonald’s, and has since getting featured in various commercials, and got chances in over a hundred ads and about fifty television series in all of his childhood. However, his most famous role was for the “thirteenth chapter Friday: The Chapter’s Final.” 

Love-life Of Corey And His Riches 

Courtney is his 3rd wife. His 1st wife was an actress named Vanessa Merci, with whom she married in 1989 and until 1993. In 2002 January, she married another actress Susie Sprague, getting married on October 30th. Susie divorced him in 2009. Feldman’s total riches is over 2 million US dollars.

Courtney’s Net Worth And Vital Statistics 

The riches of Courtney are around 300,000 US dollars, and she lives in a 4,500 sq. ft. huge luxurious mansion in a place called Elisa Place in Encino, located in Los Angeles, in California. 

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