Casey Breves Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

On May 14th, 1987, and in New York City in the US, Casey Breves took birth. Casey is well-recognized as a prominent vocalist but best recognized for his YouTube music videos with celebrity Sam Tsui’s husband. Previously, he also joined the vocal Chanticleer ensemble and earned the Grammy Awards also.

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Career And Life 

Casey was brought up in the City Of New York from a very tender age; he has developed a very strong inclination towards music. After completing matriculation from a high school, and then joined the University Of Yale, a prestigious Ivy League member. After completing graduation from Yale, he became all set to launch his career in the music industry, and 2010 and became a vocal Chanticleer ensemble. The group existed for more than decades, and it has interpreted Renaissance music, as they had no limitations in their genre. 

More About His Career 

He has been with that group for four years and has helped the group to win the prestigious Grammy Award. Then, leaving the group, he became a solo artist, including working for the theatre. In the very current years, he has focused on making and releasing his music through YouTube. He has released some of his recent works on his website and his YouTube channel. On various music videos, he has done collaborated with his wife, Sam Tsui. 

Sam Tsui— His Husband 

Sam belongs to European and Cantonese descent, born on May 2nd, 1989, and is also known as a musician; he mostly releases his works through YouTube. He went to a Pennsylvania-based school named Wissahickon, and during those tender, formative years, he has already kick-started his career as a musician. After completing matriculation, he also went to Yale to study further, where he could join the All-man Capella musical group named The Duke’s Men from Yale. 

This marks his professional career, becoming a paid soloist for various University and college churches. 

Tsui’s Career In YouTube 

Tsui started his first music album in 2010, featuring artists and including Michael Jackson Journey and Jason Mraz. He then went to perform for a couple of all-American favorite musical shows. 

The next year he established his professional and official channel on YouTube, starting with covers of Billboards leading top charts songs by famous artists such as Bruno Mars and Britney Spears. Tsui has done one more musical show performance during this time of his career, and later, he visited the University Of Yale to promote his album. In 2013, he released his debut YouTube Album called “Make It Up,” which became an immediate hit allowing him to tour all around the USA and Canada. 

Net Worth

As of late 2020, Casey’s net worth is 1 million US dollars in total and is about to become even more. 

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