Brad Castleberry Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

Brad Castleberry place of born in Canada, and he took birth in 1989, on June 10. Also, Bradl has a Gemini birth sign. He is Canadian. However, Brad is a popular bodybuilder.

Brad Castleberry’s Early life and educational background

Brad’s parents always motivated him to join a gym and gain a muscular body. Brad’s interest was in sports activities, and he loved to play football during his school days.

During high school study, Brad put on his weights first, and he also served his job in a garage. Brad always followed a balanced diet, and he worked hard to gain a mass body. Due to Brad’s well-built body, he was famous in his school.

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Brad’s career as a bodybuilder

Brad worked hard to participate in a bodybuilding competition for four years. But he failed in that competition, but he focused on his body and tried for an upcoming one.

Brad took part in several bodybuilding competitions, and he achieved good results. After, Brad went to a Pro competition that made him popular in the Muscle Mania Championship, and finally, Brad conquered that competition and got his Pro Card.

Next, Brad is fully dedicated to a football sport. But Brad’s career as a football player also helped him learn several methods of playing sports.

Brad again came back to his bodybuilding work, and then his career got higher online. Brad is also a star on YouTube, and in 2007, Brad owned a channel, and right now, he is followed by 36,000 fans. Along with, Brad’s videos received around 5.6 million views.

Training and dieting by Brad Castleberry

Brad performs stretching workouts every day, and he does workouts for 2 to 3 hours. Brad also practices deadlifts, squats, and bench press.

Brad takes care of his healthy diets, and he always includes proteins in his diet, and he maintains healthy diets always.

Brad Castleberry’s Personal life and relationships

The rumours were circulating that Brad had a relationship with a girl. Both had a relation for six months.

At present, it is said that Brad is now having a relationship with a lady, and he is always asked about his current affair, but Brad is silent in this matter.

Likes and other interesting facts of Brad Castleberry

Brad is a pet lover, and he owned two brawny pitbull dogs. Brad also loves traveling and visited many places during a bodybuilding competition. Brad also loves to be around nature, and he has owned an outdoor gym, and he does workouts every day.

Brad loves to walk with his dogs on the beachside.

Brad Castleberry’s Appearance and net worth

Brad’s age is 30 years now. Brad’s hair is short black, and his eyes are deep brown. Brad’s height is 5ft 10ins (1.77m), and his weight is around 250lbs (113kgs). According to an authoritative source, Brad’s net worth is currently estimated at around $1 million.

Social media presence of Brad Castleberry

Brad has a Twitter account followed by 100 people, and On the Instagram page, he is followed by 800,000 people. And, on his Facebook account, Brad is followed by over 100,000 people.

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