Boonk Gang Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

In Florida, Jacksonville is located in the USA, and in 1996, on August 3, John Gabbana had taken birth. John is Leo birth sign, and also, by nationality, he is an American. John is also called as Boonk Gang. Boonk is also the best-known rapper and popular star on Instagram.

Boonk Gang’s Early life and educational background

Boonk’s childhood was spent in Jacksonville. However, Boonk always created a problem during his school days, and it is said that Boonk went on a date with many girls and stole many things from people, so he got under arrest. Boonk passed out his matriculation and did not get a college degree rather; he thought to move towards starting his online career business.

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Boonk’s Career as a rapper

At the age of 18, he took his first job at Boonk at a non-veg restaurant Popeye and at the same time, he worked on comedy drawings. Boonk was a thief, and he stolen lots of items from restaurants, and he was arrested and poisoned. Boonk shared his videos of sexual relationships on Instagram, and seeing this; his Instagram was closed permanently. Gradually, Boonk got inspiration from a rapper named Fatboy SSE, and then he thought to give a test of music, and he became popular from there. In 2018 March, Boonk released his music Dat Boonk Gang Shit, and in 2017, Boonk made his video named Boonk Gang: The Video Game.

Love life and relationship by Boonk Gang

Boonk had an affair once with a girl after that girl broke up her relationship with Boonk. After that, Boonk had affairs with many ladies, and Boonk has a son now, but there is no information about Boonk’s son’s mother. At present, Boonk is single.

Boonk Gang’s hobbies and other interests

Boonk focused on his fitness at an early age, and he loves to play baseball and soccer. Boonk loves tattoos, and he inked tattoos in his whole body. Boonk likes to drive fast cars, and his favorite car is Ferrari.

Appearance and net worth of Boonk Gang

Boon’s age is 23 years. Boonk’s hair is black, and his eyes are brown. However, Boonk’s height and weight are unknown. As per a reliable source, presently, Boonk’s net worth is approximated greater than $200,000.

Is Boonk no more?

It was rumored that Boonk Gang is no more. But it proved wrong; Boonk is fine now, and he is set in California, and he is a rapper.

Social media presence

Boonk is very active on social media channels. For example, Boonk has a Twitter account followed by 10,000 people and an Instagram account closed now, but 500,000 people followed it. Even though, in his Facebook account, he is followed by 760,000 people. Boonk also created his YouTube channel that has a total of 65 subscribers.

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