Ava Eliot Jackman Net Worth, Career and Personal lide

Ava Eliot Jackman, the adopted baby of film stars Hugh Jackman and Deborra- Lee- Furness took birth on 10 July 2005. Both her parents being rich and famous film stars, have brought her a lot of attention and have made her the center of attraction. She is protected under the care of her parents and she is 14 years old. She belongs to a rich family with her mother having a net worth of $10Million and her father having a net worth of $150 million. 

Life of Ava Eliot Jackman till date –

Ava herself originally is of German and Mexican background, but she took birth in the land of opportunity, the United States. Her parents adopted her as they could not conceive a baby. Deborra-Lee-Furness even suffered two miscarriages. Hence, to prevent the compromise on her health, they adopted two children. The first one being Ava’s brother Oscar and she is the second adopted child. She is very much loved and the center of the world by her parents who adore her a lot. Even at such young age, Ava has a lot of love for dancing. Her life has mostly been away from any spotlight, but recently her family vacation in Bondi Beach, Australia took her to the headlines. At the beach, she almost drowned due to Riptide and was fortunately saved by her father. Hugh Jackman earned a lot of love and respect for being such a loving father and hero both in reel and real life. 

Personal life of Ava

She is still young to have any romantic relationships and is mostly found in the care of her parents. Ava’s parents met on the sets of Correlli and got married in Victoria in the year 1996. Hugh Jackman mostly believes in Christianity and hence the family follows the same belief. Ava’s father is also an endorser of applying sunscreens after having suffered from basal cell carcinoma due to his long working hours in sun. 

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About Ava’s Father –Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman earned fame and love from the audience mainly due to his role in X- Men series having the character of Wolverine, which he has been continuing to play for the upcoming 18 years. He even holds a Guinness world record for having played the longest character as an action marvel superhero. He has also been appreciated for his roles in ‘Kate &Leopold’, ‘The Prestige’ and more. 

About Ava’s Mother –Deborra-Lee-Furness 

Deborra-Lee-Furness was brought up in Melbourne, Australia, and had always dreamt of becoming an actress. To follow the passion for acting, she went to New York to learn acting at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Her first show was ‘Falcon Crest’ which has been by the audience where she played the role of the wife of character Billy Moses. She earned her fair share of fame and love for her role in Shame for which she won the Best Actor Award from Golden Space Needle associated with the Film Critics Circle. She has worked in various movies including Stark and Angel Baby starring Jacqueline Mackenzie. 

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