Aubrey Marunde Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

Bristol Marunde and Aubrey are the most popular partners and got fame from the reality show name Flip or Flop Vegas. Bristol is a distinguished fighter of MMA or Martial Arts, and on the other hand, Aubrey is running her business in real estate platform.

Early life and family of Aubrey

In the year 1983, Aubrey Buck had taken birth. Aubrey showed her real estate working interests from her childhood days. Aubrey sincerely used to see her father constructing many houses and home renovation projects as she grew up in a general contractor family. Aubrey was involved in sport from a young age, and at the age of 14, she worked as a gymnastics trainer. At the age of 19, Aubrey made her club, and she also used to love doing sketches from a young age.

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Aubrey’s Educational background

Aubrey finished her matriculation degree from a high school located in Milton; after that, Aubrey shifted to Las Vegas. There she studied Bachelor of Marketing Administration from the Nevada University. But, Aubrey always helps her father doing his profession during her college days.

Aubrey career in Real estate

Aubrey successfully achieved the license in real estate in the 2006 year; she got multiple projects on the real estate platform from that time. However, from that day, Aubrey worked on many TV shows, and she showed for house restoration projects. Aubrey had done almost 150 projects on real estate and. Aubrey always loves to work on projects of Nevada houses and all. And Aubrey always shares such projects on Instagram profiles. Aubrey’s other famous TV reality shows include Flip or Flop Las Vegas, Harry, Home & Family High Stakes Flippers, and more.

Aubrey got married to Bristol Marunde, an MMA fighter.

In 2009 year, Aubrey and Bristol met each other in UFC or Ultimate Fighting Championship. Bristol was a fighter of MMA at that time. Both Bristol and Aubrey 20009 dated each other, and in the year 2015, on 24th May, they got married in Las Vegas City, where the marriage ceremony was held in private. Both couples have two sons now.

 Hobbies, and other interesting facts of Aubrey

Aubrey is a well-renowned artist, and her arts are superb. Aubrey designs stunning sketches in the Art Gallery of Leftbank. Aubrey also makes women portraits, and she loves doing painting ad draw different types of animals. Aubrey shares her paintings and drawing on an Instagram platform, and both Aubrey and Bristol spend time together and with their children. Aubrey loves hiking and likes to eat outside, and Aubrey loves to travel, and she went to Italy and Europe.

Aubrey’s Physical Appearance, clothing style

Aubrey’s hair is brown, and she has hazel eyes. Her height is 5ft 5ins (1.7m), and her weight is 136lbs (62kgs); on the other hand, Bristol’s height is 6ft 1in (1.85m), and his weight is 170lbs (77kgs). Aubrey loves wearing summer clothing in a light color, and she prefers wearing high heels and fashionable boots.

Net worth and salary of Aubrey and Bristol

Aubrey and Bristol both net worth in 2019 estimated up to $5 million. And their net worth is increasing more doing many TV shows.

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