Ashley Argota Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

On January 9th, 1993, Ashley Argota was born in Redlands, a place in California belonging to a family of Filipino descent. She is recognized as a singer and an actress but probably is most famous for her TV works. Nickelodeon series has liked to heir her for their several shows. 

Education And Early Life

Her parents raised Ashley in Redlands, and from a very young age, she dreamt of becoming an actress and make a living out of it. She has been a student of Connections Academy, based in Columbia, in Maryland. It is an online school that offers learning courses to students residing outside of the United States. 

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Career Beginnings

In 2003, she started to gear up for establishing herself as an actress in the entertainment industry and ending up being a contestant in the show “Star Search,” broadcasted from the CBS network, and Arsenio Hall hosted it. 

What Was The Star Search Show All About? 

In the Star Search show, contestants were set to compete with each other giving utmost priority to different forms of entertainment. It was broadcasted for about a year, and then it surprisingly got canceled. But that had made what it has to do to kick-start her career, and finally, in 2007, she worked for “Schooled.” 

Nickelodeon Projects

A year after, Argota earned her first Nickelodeon role in “VP, True Jackson” as the best friend of the lead actor Keke Palmer.

The show ran for about four years and was often shot live in front of a vast audience. During the broadcasting of the show, she released a couple of music albums. In the year 2011, one more Nickelodeon project came her way, but this time not as the supporting actress but as the lead of “Skinner’s and Bucket’s Epic Adventures.” It was aired for about a year, but it got surprisingly canceled. After being part of the show, she was invited to a celebrity episode of “BrainSurge,” competing against Jeremy Trainor. The show followed the paths of Japanese reality shows, which tests the contestant’s memory and comprehension. She appeared in the front later again, but this time been a winner of the episode. 

Personal Life and Hobbies

Talking about her personal life, it is known that she is engaged with another actor Mick Torres. Torres is famous for playing the role of McMurphy in one of the greatest Hollywood movies ever made, “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest.” She loves to read books for her leisure time, listen to music, knitting and watching TV. Quite similar to other actresses, she is pretty active on social media platforms. She has got around 200,000 Instagram followers as of now. She uses the media to share things regarding her life. 

Net Worth 

As of early 2020, authoritative sources say that Ashley Argota’s net worth is somewhat around 500,000 US Dollars. 

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